Hi all. Hopefully this bit of imformation will be of some use to you,especially if you are attending a pain clinic. Back in the 80s/90s, I was very poorly with just about anything and eveything. I had gone to numerous pain clinics, which were a complete waste ot time, as all they wanted to do,was put you on pills or give injections, which I was having none of

However quite by accident, I read about a pain clinic in Liverpool called THE WALTON PAIN CLINIC,which was connected to the The Liverpool Hospital and was run by the NHS, so, I went and saw my doc. who had never heard of it, and was really interested. She then put in a request for me to be seen [ it had to go through a medical board ] and I was invited to attend an interview with the said pain clinic I was accepted onto the programme, and it was amazing. You had to stay for 6 wks, being put into bed and breakfast, which was paid for by the NHS, and had to attend the hospital every day [ you could walk from yhe bed and breakfast place ] for physio [ a plan was made for you specifically and which you carried out every day for 40 minutes, under the watchful eye of a physiotherapist until you had finished ] swimming, cognitive therapy, tai chi [ I loved that ] group and solo analysis, and all sorts of other things. The idea was, that you got off of tablets and the like, and learnt to have POSITIVE THINKING - distracting yourself with doing other things etc and not just honing in on how bad you felt - the motto of the clinic was - IT IS ONLY PAIN AND IT WON`T KILL YOU - hard it might seem, but a lot of sense. I saw many people come in, who had put themselves to bed, etc, and was unable to move, but, in a few days,were walking without sticks etc., I to this day try to follow what I was taught, sometimes it is hard, but, it has been a G od send to me. I don`t know if this clinic is still in operation, but it might be well worth asking and finding out about. I don`t know if this is any help, but, I never take tablets now only if I really really have to, and will try any other methods if I can Please don`t think I am being smug about this, just letting you know there are other things to do, especially when the tablets don`t work anymore Love to you all

Lyndia x

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  • Thanks Lyndia,

    That's very inspiring. It's definitely true that filling your day with interesting (not necessarily strenuous) activity can distance you from pain enough to be able to cut down on medication.

    Unfortunately with fibromyalgia, the accompanying exhaustion and depression can make it difficult to get started!

    I have found that I am in much more pain if I get bored, and have a long list of interesting things to do which will take me out of the 'pain zone'.

    This works pretty well, tho' I still take fairly high doses of painkillers. It's a balancing act really. Too much pain = not enough activity, or too many painkillers = also not enough activity.

    Mostly, I manage to get the balance right and have a very acceptable quality of life, tho' I do sometimes get frustrated when I really can't manage to do things that I want to!

    Oh well - onwards and upwards (what a daft expression!) :)

    Moffy x

  • Not if you are a mountaineer moffy :D

    VG X

  • Doh!!! See you on Everest :D

  • That's great information , I'm kindof trying that at home although my state if mind is not helping I think. The pain does get to me but having some scary episodes that still arnt sorted out, there a bit like Siezure type things. My ECG on my brain was ok so don't know if it is epilepsy now but my heart races and its scary , think if that was under control I would feel more hopeful . I am trying to keep moving and tried some yoga but don't feel it's really helping. Although my cats do like my yoga mat and seem to make more use of it than I . Your post is interesting and I do think moving around does help as the less I do theoretically pain I have. Rekon that's why I suffer on an evening and early in the morning x

  • Early morning and late evening pain is a bugbear for a lot of people. It does correlate with the times when we're more likely to have been resting, unfortunately.

    Constant light activity with plenty of short rests seems to help the most during the day, and to deal with the early mornings a good hot shower plus a dose of pain meds does the trick for me.

    Moffy x

  • I totally agree with the its only pain it will not kill you and the more you go on about it and think about it the more the mind takes over and tells you you are in more apain . Mind over matter i think. I feel we should all get a wake up call from this and try to find out about clinics that are similar . When you are next laughing at something think straight away how much pain you where feeling and you maybe surprised and realise just for that sort moment 'not alot' there are ways we can help ourselves to reduce pain or change our attitude towards it . Great blog thank you

  • Hi Kathyn thanks for your comments, it has been great to get such good feed back. I might try and find out if this clinic still exists , as I still have all the paper work, I will let .you know .Went dancing the light fantastic last night, this morning I`m dancing the hobble hobble waltz, O dear, serves me right, but , I meet up with all my friends there, and it`s worth it Was going to church and then a little shopping today, but I think the garden has to come first because I don`t know how the weather is going to be later, so will grab the opportunity with both hands whilst it is fine. [ that`s of course when I can get myself going,] Anyway, have as good a day as you can, think positively, and know people do care lots of hugs

    Lyndia x

  • Hi Lyndia lol on the hobble hobble waltz we do test ourselfs at times but its good whilst we are doing it :-) ... would love to know about the clinic if you can find out well worth investicating omg just had 7 attempts at spelling 'investigating' lol ...I love going to my Church it really puts me in a sense of peace and relaxation nothing could be better and the people are so supportive love them all.

    Thank you Lyndia you have a lovely day also even though i do not know which day you are getting this lol

    take care and peace be with you

    katheryn xx

  • Hi Kathryn. I will try and find all my notes, but also do a bit of investigation, if I come up with anything, I will let you know. Lovely to hear you have a nice church you go to, what sort is it,catholic /prod/etc or like us Baptist but with super singing and music, you have to come out feeling better than you went in, or for me it wouldn't be worth going. When I liv ed in Portugal

    we ran a church there, it was great. Anyway, it is getting late,so I'll say goodnight, god bless

    Lyndia x

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