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Hi im new and just had my first appointment with rhumetologist after suffering for years. She has suggested fm but is also testing arthritis


I am having real plms with pain and exhausted a lot of the time. My immume system is shot at I catch everything and as I work in a primary school Im constantly ill with bugs. Im having trouble getting up to go to work and not sure what my next steps will be please help x

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I know how you are feeling I worked in a childrens nursery until dec 12 picked up every think that was going around every time i went the docs said it was a virus after virus but every time joints would pain for weeks after I was taking pain killers to get threw the days and at weekends I was too bad to do any think needing to rest ready for the next week. until may 12 had infection after infection pains meds did not help the pains in my joints. then started to lose grip and dropping things. Was off sick for months untill they finished me on health ground. Do hope you can get your problem sorted wish you look fibro10

Thank you for your reply what happens after diagnosis? Did you get meds are you working now and coping? X

Hello Newbie68,

Sorry to hear your experiencing such problems. In my opinion I would consider finding out about your rights & reasonable adjustment etc as far as work is concerned if you wish to continue. This way you can speak with your manager about making work more manageable due to you condition once diagnosed. I can help you with this information if you'd like to email me info@fibroaction.org Please also see our link to the website about work & Fibro;


In regards to your possible diagnosis of Fibro, please can I provide you with a link to our website to our 'All about Fibro'range of factsheets you can download & print for reference


The factsheets cover the following;

About Fibro

Who Is Affected?

What Are The Symptoms?

What Causes Fibro?

How Is Fibro Diagnosed?

How Is Fibro Treated?

What Is The Prognosis?

I would always suggest being well informed about Fibro can make speaking about your condition with your Healthcare Professional easier to discuss the best treatment plan.

I hope this helps

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

newbie68 in reply to Mdaisy

Hi Emma thank you very much for this il take a look now. Iv been given amitriptyline to start from today for now until xrays scans and blood tests have been checked as they also suspect psoriactic artritis. Dr has just signed me off work for 2 weeks too. Have you tried this med? X

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In answer to your question about amtriptyline I take as do quite a few of the others..They help me to sleep ...most of the time.but I am not sure that it does much for the pain. xx

newbie68 in reply to Hidden

Do you get any side effects from it x

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The only side effect is to make you drowsy, exactly what I want. The problem occurs when you wake up still drowsy. To combat this a lot of us take them 2 or 3hrs before bed. as in all things fibro it is trial and error to find what works for you. xx

newbie68 in reply to Hidden

Thank you :) xx


Hello and welcome to the site . mdaisy has given you the info so I would just like to say feel free to join in when ever you like.

you can ask questions, have a moan or join in the fun when we are fooling around. I hope that being part of the group will help you as much as it has helped me.

hugs sue xx

newbie68 in reply to Hidden

Hi sue thx I will :) x

Hi newbie68

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you have been suffering for years, and I genuinely hope that your visits to Rhuematology will help shed some light on what the issues and problems actually are?

I want to wish you all the best for the future


hi newbie68

welcome to the site hopefully rheumy will find out more it is trial and error with pain med but you have always got someone to talk to here.

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