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does anyone suffer with very painful and swollen hands and fingers the pain is like a nerve pain and you cant clench a fist cos of it

my doctor says its my fibromyalgia but it is a totally different kind of pain to my fibro and the pain and swelling gets worse the more i have to use my hands it gets that painful i end up crying with it, im on all kinds pain relief plus gabbapentin for compressed nerves from my back, the doctor has said there is nothing he can do and i have to live with the pain. please any suggestions i would be greatfull for

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FM does not cause swelling. I would ask for a referral to a rheumatologist ASAP.


thank you crashdoll i have seen my rheumatologist but ive got really bad brain fog i cant remember

if i mentioned the swelling but i was talking about the pains in my hands so i would think i did but he said

he thinks i would benefit from seeing a psychiatrist and he said there is nothing he can do about the pains,


what nothing he can do about the pain, what type of doctor is he, a psychiatrist?, making up pain, nobody does that, because pain is do debilitating it affects the whole of your life, ttfn


Referral to a pain clinic has been useful for me perhaps it would also help you. Before they treat pain they want a source of pain identified so that they are not masking something which is treatable. Hope you find some respite soon whatever is causing the swollen hands.


I am so sorry to hear you are suffering with your hands!

It is a really nasty part of Fibro it stops me achieving all sorts.

Try and keep them active gentle movements repeated I do this in the washing up water which is lovely and hot and it does seem to sooth.

f good hand cream massaged in also to keep the skin pliable.

his sort of arthritis/ osteoporosis/fibro difficult to treat so good luck



Hi kara7165

I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing this issue, and as other have already said, Fibro is not an inflammatory illness. It may be an idea to keep a pain diary and present this to either your GP or Rheumatologist next time that you see them? Keep notes about swellings and colours of the affected area. I have arthritis and this swells and goes a pinky / red colour, does yours?

If it gets really bad, you could pop along to your nearest walk-in centre and show them? If the doctor their says it is arthritis or something else, it will at least be on your medical records, and they may well give you some anti-inflammatory medication?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with this problem.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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I would see a different GP. Swollen hands is not Fibro. It sounds like your doctor is not taking you seriously. Don't be put off by this doctor.


kara7165, hi, have you got osteoarthritus in your hands?, or rhumetoid arthritus, which is even worse than osteo, rhumetoid, is a very bad form and is the bodys own immune sytem turning on its self, have the tests for this, I have problems with my thumbs the left one has hitch hickers thumb (it sticks ot when i straightne out my fingers, the right one now has started to do this) and the knuckle joint hurts when i try to massage the joint. ask your doctor to refer you to a rhumertologist for further investigation, try to keep your hands raised, and maybe even keep them warm, will follow along with your posts, ttfn


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