Went for my atos medical today.Appointment was a 10.45 am actually got into medical 2.15 pm.I was in agony.Talking to others in the waiting area and some of them had been last week and after waiting an hour were told to go home.It is absolutely disgusting people are being treated this way.The receptionist when questioned about the wait time just said were running an hour late!It was pointed out to her it was at least 3 hours and she just shrugged her shoulders and looked blank.The fella who did my medical did say I had the right to complain but I said what good would that do.He told me it was the governments fault!?!?!

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  • What a disaster, yet another private company who is unable to meet the terms of the contract they are paid to deliver. You should complain, if anything to get the DWP to explain what they are paying for, and why people are being kept waiting for more than half a day when they are suppose to be kept waiting for no more than a hour.

  • I will complain I just feel that it will fall on deaf ears .As the complaint will go to the same people!

  • You would be surprised what can happen, especially if you do not get a satisfactory answer from the DWP, things like that can cause them great embarrassment, so they may ignore you. The trick is to drop them all in it by taking the matter up with your MP, who they can't ignore. ;)

  • At the bottom off your letter just put cc mp. So and so. It's not your fault you forgot to copy it to mp. You have memory probs

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