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am I just a cow

am I just a cow

as most of u know my husband has moved here from africa and is now living with me as he has about twelve weeks at the most left to live. but i digress

he does not know hoe to shop on line so we went thru together and he had me order a new pressure cooker for our 45th anniversary .it never arrived so to keep the peace i ordered a second one thinking i could fight for refund later.he is a nitpicking man and all i wanted was a peaceful life.

the second one was late in arriving. we were on our way to tesco and he said ask them where the pot is


why not

i cant

of course you can stop being dificult

i am not

yes you are

no iam not

why the hell cant you ask them

tbecuse you bought it from asda


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Both a funny and sad story Fadedblossom. I'm sorry that your husband is so ill and I hope your families can find peace and comfort for the times ahead

Stormwytch x


Sorry to hear about your hubby hun, but that did tickle me lol xxxxx


I am so sorry, I didn't realise about your hubby, how horrendous and so terribly sad for you both. Bless you both. (((hug))) xxx


so sorry about your husband.

You are allowed to enjoy these impish moments - I laughed, you tell it well!




I send you a hug and for you and your husband courage my husband was given a fortnight and stayed 6months, I wish you lots of time .

I did something similar my son gave me some high street tokens and OH and I went into currys and chose what we wanted infact the assistant was ever so helpful after 20 mins we were at the till and it came to pay and with a flourish I handed over the vouchers the guy looked blanc We dont take those madam I then tried to convince him that he did. He did not. So I gathered them up and swept out an into comet went straight to the item and payed with no fuss Woops! silly me.

gentle hug (((((((((((((((())))))))))))))



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