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sooo tired,

hi , i have been feeling more tired than usual, went for blood test, my iron is 14, they say it should be between 12 and about 100, so am at low end, so yet more iron tablets, fibro has been playing up real bad, i have been feeling very down too, i wrote a blog a while ago, i think i may of miss typed as i was suppossed to say my partner just dont seem to see how much pain i am in at times, my kids help but they young and go out, so when its just me and my partner, i still have to get up and do things, sorry am going on,

i read a lot in hear that many of you attend a pain clinic and or councilling, i have never been offered these, do i go ask my doc,

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Yes your GP can refer you to both of those I have had councelling a few years into my fibro diagnosis when my rheummy just laid it on the line and said I had to accept I wasn't going to get my old life back... I cried at the time but looking back it was the best thing he could have said as from then I began to accept my new life and councelling helped.... Pain clinics work in two ways one offers pain injections the other offers pain management courses... I go to the one for pain injections my GP referred me to that as well.....

Please get your GP to refer you it made a difference for me

Vg x


Hi sandycat,

Good advice there from VG - I'm sure some counselling and an appointment with a pain clinic would help you a lot.

Hope you improve soon

Moffy x


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