Oh goody, another diagnosis (in addition to the others). I dont have the energy to cry so I've decided to laugh :)

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) any takers? Like Fibro, is poorly understood but believed to be neurological in origin. Possibly has roots following trauma. My right hand is blue/purple (very pretty for bedroom curtains perhaps?), extremely swollen/painful. In December had carpal tunnel op. on my right hand which then became infected. NOBODY is coming near my left hand (which is all i'm left with - gettit?) with a scalpel. Not a chance. They recommend non-steroidal pills eg. aspirin, ibuprofen, which i'm allergic to. Of course, should've known that was coming!

Still, it's a beautiful, sunny day, and just said bye to my daughter, son-in-law and youngest grandson, and oh they do so make life worth living! So the lesson for me today is, concentrate on what I have in my life that makes me happy.

That's it really. Enjoy the sunshine peeps. xx :)

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  • Nice one Tulips.... It must be blumming awful all the things that have happened to you recently but still you see the good from the bad. Yep it's nice weather and I will pore you a glass of fizzy water in a champagne glass (with complimentary mini brolly too) and we will toast the good (maybe quiet rare but..) to the good stuff..

    :D x

  • You've totally got it! Thank you. xx :)

  • Glad you can see the bright side, tulips, and I know I shouldn't laugh, but I never cease to be amazed at the important names that doctors think up for conditions which baffle them!

    C.R.P.S. used to be called G.A.K.

    This, as every good medical student knew, stood for 'God Alone Knows', and was frequently entered in notes of patients who were difficult to diagnose.

    Maybe we should start our own glossary:

    ASAFU ..... Always Shattered And Fed Up

    TTTDH .... To Tired To Do Housework

    IPAM ... In Pain And Misunderstood :(

    Any more offers for the list?

    Moffy x

  • My theory is, they like to put a label on it 'cause it makes them look better. To be honest, it helps me too 'cause 1) They believe and 2) I;m not a total basket case - yet! :)

    I think my project for this evening is to see if I can add to the glossary. :) xx

  • lol, I like these definitions :)) Sadly they are true though. I've been wondering if i am allergic to Ibuprofen, although perhaps it's a chemical as 200 pink dose gives me a rash, yet the 400 dose was fine ... mmm So hard to diagnose sometimes with other allergies. Best wishes x

  • Have a confession to make. Project didn't even get started, fell asleep!

    These chemicals, given in the hope of helping, I sometimes wonder whether they cause more problems than they solve. Bit late now. :) xx

  • TATT= tired all the time

  • Hugs Tulips

  • Ta Jillylin, you too. xx :)

  • At least labels make it easier when filling in benefit forms! NINAH no im not a hypochondriac?xx

  • Very true! x

  • I was diagnosed with that first off. When I got diagnosed with *insert list here* I got upset, it's understandable. Then after the ranting and raving and tears and chocolate with a lovely cup of tea I decided that I have always had it but it's only now that somebody is paying attention and it has long names. Diagnoses, not matter how obsure, gives us a chance to understand and help ourselves. Good luck with the wrist...I painted my old bedroom the colour of my foot after I fell on the stairs...went into B&Q and whipped off my sock and said "That colour" they actually pulled it off, I was impressed xxx

  • you are so spot on! Labels, medically speaking, can be a bit daunting, After the initial shock, I do find them helpful. xx

  • What about raising your hand for a time maybe in a sling each day to reduce the inflammation if you can't take non-steroidal anti-inflammatories? Also try massage therapy - I learned how to do holistic massage from a course but there is a good book called Get Started In Massage by Denise Whichello Brown which I bought very cheaply second hand off the internet, in it there is a section on self massage and you could either teach yourself how to massage your right hand and arm using your left arm, or you could get your family to help using the book, the diagrams and instructions are really good. There is a movement called Effluage which helps to reduce inflammation and to help move the lymph that causes the swelling back into the circulation.

  • Just at the moment, too painful to touch, both arms affected by the fm and very weak. I have made a note, perhaps in a while might get someone to help. Trouble is, I also have arthritis, and still have carpal tunnel in my left hand. This is just insane! :)

    Thank you, I will see what I can find on e.bay/amazon. Thank god for the internet. I would feel really isolated with it! xx

  • A very very good osteopath or specialist massage therapist may still be able to help if it's an option. There is a private pain management clinic (osteopaths and a hugely experienced specialist massage therapist) near me and I know they work with people with all kinds of pain and neuro conditions. They're also good at saying if they can't help!

  • Hi Lindsey, long time no see. Hope you're well.

    My gp is coming after morning surgery today (which could mean anytime, midday to 9pm - but if she says she's coming she'll come! I will mention it to her. Many thanks. xx

  • Don't forget TALOIA, (There's A Lot Of It About!)

  • good one! If you dont mind me asking, 'Midori', Japanese? Vague memory about 30+ years ago my parents took in students from other countries, that was her name i'm sure. We grew up with a love of learning other cultures etc. although initially they did it to help £ ends meet! xx

  • Effluage can be counterproductive though, if the area is swollen try tapping which is a light drumming of the fingers all over the wrist, like tapping your fingers on the desk if your board. Hot then cold wash cloths then efflauge going up the arm, there are lymph nodes in the crook of the arm. Like Midori I am a massuse as well as an holistic therapist and Reiki Master. Hope all of this helps.

  • Oooh, like the hot/cold cloths thing. Too much pain for any drumming though. Literally, cant use it at all, left hand not great either. many thanks. xx

  • oh dear, that sounds awful. the drumming does need to be very very gentle but if you can't take it then don't try. Perhaps a soak in epsom salts and gentle stroking under the warm water then raise it above your heart so the swelling can drain, it does sound like you do need a hand (get it?!) with this.

  • Sounds like advice I can manage. Many thanks.

    If you find any hands going spare, I'm def. interested. Do they do entire body-transplant? Well, maybe that would be pushing it a bit, but hands I'm def. up for! :)

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