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Oh Frabgeous Day no sun this morning so I have deceided to

make lists of things for January have to give myself plenty of achievable time so I manage to reach the end of the lists.

Day started badly as I have no feeling in right leg and left arm but hey I can still sort myself mentaly and move on from this point.

I need to procure fruit and nice brown rolls for turkey soup made yesterday it just needs smahing in pulper and then we are away. So will get OH to go forth strangely it is a holiday in Scotand so not sure if Tescoes is open or not. Oh well he will find out :)

Right need to make up calendars and plot when things are happening other wise I miss out..

My brother is on Mastermind tonight so I am excited 7.00 BBC1 he is Charles Campion if anyone fancies watching. So I need to plan my day so I am prepared to cheer him on.

I dont usually tell anyone so sh xgins

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Aha he got the brains you got the beauty...... Will watch eagerly, does he look like you????

New Year's Day yesterday... Obviously .........but the co op was open so managed to get emergency supplies... Too long to explain but put autistic son into the equation and all becomes clear.

Sorry about your leg and arm, hope they regain some feeling soon, I have just been filling in January on my calendar...

VG x :-/


Does he look like me well I dont think so he looks like my Dad used to and I am spit image of MUM I say hello to her everyday in the mirror. My daughter is carrying the tradition on bless her.

Arm is feelin bit better but leg has yet to return! xgins


Oh, I love lists. They're great. One day I'm going to make a list of all my lists, so I know where to look to remind me what to do next! Seriously though, I've always been a list-maker, but these days I don't funtion without them. Don't always do that well with them either, mind you - lol!

Good luck to your brother, will try to remember to watch. Now, where did I put my TV programme list .......




i will watch too , i have been watching mastermind the last few days , i even got the odd answer right ! xx


GINS your brother is THE Charles Campion the food critic, oh my don't show him my posts about all our food being tinned or frozen, slinks off

VG x


wow he did so well , i was willing him to win but alas women rule xx


I hope you are feeling better by now. And I missed this so missed the show. I will try and watch it on catchup tomorrow on the laptop when I get back from the hospital. I like my to do lists and if I just get one thing ticked off, then I have achieved something. But tomorrow I want to put my new bedding on. Tradition for me every year I buy a new duvet set. And although I love it I am not very excited about getting in on the bed. We allknow how hard it is fighting with a duvet cover lol. Hubby would get knotted up in it, and daughter is so little she would just vanish. She goes missing ina single one when she is trying to help out. So wish me well, I may not make it out alive with is being a Kingisze one xxxxx


tut tut, you should change your duvet more than once a year Ozzygirl! lol!


lol ;-)


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