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pain management

hi peeps,

been refered back to pain clinic again, as dr thinks it is best to help get my pain back under control I told her I had already been there about 3years ago she said because the morphine tablets and the oramorph isn't working just making me all warm and relaxed and also because my pain is mor intense then before she said I should hear in 2 weeks if not to get back in touch , I have been n so much pain with my hips, legs, arms, shoulders and my lower back and pelvis have been sooo sore and I don't normally suffer with my back often,also my feet and ankles are swollen and very painful think because of my family probs going on and the move we had in January I am having a major flare up, but I am plodding on as best I can , on the plus side great news my daughter who lives in Australia has been told she has 5 more weeks of chemo then has to have another ct scan and colonoscopy and then hope fingers crossed she can get on with the rest of her life raising her son and enjoy her young life with her son and husband wahoooooooo xx

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Ohh I hope the pain clinic brings you some relief and it must be an awful stressful time with your daughter so ill and so far away

Fingers crossed for her and you

VG xx


Morning, my experience of a pain clinic, whilst ok, wouldn't necessarily get my back better as they tended to concentrate more on the psych side than anything else! I have lots of back pain and the only thing that seems to help it is seeing an osteopath. In fact he's been very constructive in most of my pain and we have managed to get it to a manageable level that needs maintenance regularly but not every week, it just depends on how my week is going!! I would highly recommend that rather than to be condescended in a pain clinic for 6 weeks!

So pleased your daughter is coming out the other side positively

Keep plodding!!xx


That is great news about your daughter. And I hope your pain relief can be improved.

Gentle hugs



Hi there, I can't get a referral to a pain clinic for love nor money:-/ My G.P. has really not done anything for me since referring me to a Neurologist & I am now awaiting Physio.

I do hope things go well with your daughter so far away and i hope that a solution to your pain can be found. Gentle hugs. Mike x


I would change your gp or atleast see a different gp at your surgery and insist to be refered to a pain clinic although I must admit you are not missing out all they do is get you to listen to your body which we couldn't be doing anymore then we are doing and they give you a pharmacist who goes through your medication and if they think somethink may help fax your gp and then you pick up from gp a couple days later, they also have like a self help group each with other sufferers of fms


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