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Hi. I have posted several times about my daughter she's 21 and lives with chronic pain every day. She has other symptons to like headaches. We have been pushing for the last 3 years for help as she's so young and her life shouldn't be like this. We have had every test going plus mri bloods the whole works but they have never been able to find anything wrong. Over the past few weeks I've lost count of the times we have been to the doctors just last week she had a massive chest infection water infection and an asthma attack. The doctor never listens so I started going with her as I am pretty vocal and my opinion will be heard. We have a new doc now and she's brilliant she is under the impression that it us fibromyalgia and referred us to a rheumatologist she has prescribed 5 microgram/hour buteo transdermal patch. Has anyone ever used these as they don't appear to be working she's signed off work again and dispite being a strong girl she broke down in tears last night. I feel so useless and have no idea how to help her. She found Co codamol helped but can she take them with the patches. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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  • So sorry to hear your pain,the pain of empathy is heartbreaking. Has she by any chance been tested for lupus? Again it's difficult to diagnose but unlike fibro it is possible through very specific blood work to diagnose. The many infections COULD be a result of a weak or compromised immune system.

    I am not medically trained just used to dealing with some complex,convoluted health issues and that's not mine but by sons and hubby. Become your own expert through research and take whatever you have found with you to Dc appointment.

    Concerning the patch discussed I had the highest dose given to me when I couldn't move because of sciatica,still had breakthrough pain and also had really large doses of Oxynorm. Confounding my GP " you can't possibly still be in pain" Ho hum.

  • No that's one thing that hasn't been tested maybe worth looking at. Just so frustrating not being able to help but I will just keep pushing for her

  • Hey Frankie .. You ARE helping. You are there for her you are fighting infor her,she has you in her corner,she knows you won't stop caring. That Frankie is everything honestly having just one person who is in your corner is worth more than all the pills in the world. Just keep hugging

  • I do not like those damb patches when you come of them you get cold turkey Iv got Fibromygia Asthma and Tinatass My medication is Codrydamol they are good, Liycra a brain drug they help , plus other medication I'm no Docter but if you or your daughter want to ask me about anything you can we're all here to help specially us members with serous Fibromygia You daughters could join the foram there are a lot of young members

  • Hi frankie2010

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that your daughter is still suffering and struggling so much. Please do not feel useless as you are clearly helping her with your actions. I have never personally used the pain patches myself but I want to sincerely wish her all the best of luck and please take care of yourselves my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you so much for your words they are greatly appreciated

  • Good luck my friend.

  • Hi franki how is your daughter feeling today? I know that in the begining I didn't appreciate any good days as they seemed pathetically lacking the former dynamite me. But... Right now at this time I acknowledge that if I can do one nice thing for myself and one for someone else. If I manage a laugh or even the smallest bit of group/family/ friend time. Well that's a really good day. But I have been sooo much better than right now and will be again. You too will feel better it's just recognising it that's hard. X sending a hug

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