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I will never understand why it is some people can get dla with no bother at all while other cant, Ive tried twice, Ive got a care plan, a social worker for both me and my youngest daughter, ive had my daughter accepted on a programme for young carers, by Barnardos, Ive recently applied for a blue badge with the help of my social worker, I got all the letters from specialists, but still Im not ill enough, its a ***** joke

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dead right hun ,i cant understand it either xxx


I know lally its just not fair.

I have started my dla fight again and i have benn turned down again, so i am waiting for gthe me woman to phone me back, but i wish she would hurry up as i need to get it sorted.

hugs, kel xxxxx


DLA rules make it difficult , it's not so much about how ill you are but what help you need and they can interpret that in so many different ways. It's not even based on your ability to work as people who are working can claim it .

I don't think even the DWP know how to assess properly how much help a person needs so what chance have we got ?

I sent my renewal form back 2 weeks ago and I've heard nothing , because of my agoraphobia I have a really weird phobia about using the phone so I'm dreading having to phone them up. They haven't acknowledged they have had the forms so I'm expecting them to deny getting them and as they took me 2 weeks to fill in I won't be happy if I have to do them again. Maybe that's a trick to see if you can remember what you said the first time, I wouldn't put anything past them at the moment. It's a farce.




Hey Helen, Gentle hugs.

I've always believed they make you fill in a renewal twice to see if you remember what you wrote fist time round - I have major panic attacks over it. From now on any forms I fill in - I will scan to the PC before sending them back to DLA.


Carol xx


Hi Carol , I meant to do that but forgot , I also meant to send the forms back by recorded delivery but forgot that as well....... I did used to have a brain... honestly... !



Only once I made the mistake of not sending via recorded delivery - but only the last thing I had to send somewhere - like the DLA - did I scan what I answered. Like you I used to have a brain too - and we both know who took them don't we? Hmmm?



its discusting . Someone i know as got high rate care and they do everything i cant x


Hey all, gentle hugs.

My heart goes out to everyone battling the DLA - even though I finally got awarded it after battling for it - I still think that 7 years down the line - they'll contact me to ask me to repay it all back as it was not intended for me. Just the thought of that being a reality sends chills down my spine as I don't know as I'll have the energy I had back then to have to appeal all over again fills me with dread.

I hate that Mr Fibro is damned invisible - people with lesser wrong with them are getting awarded DLA and it makes my blood boil!

Love to all,

Carol xxx


Hi all

I applied for DLA at the beginning of this year but was turned down. After having to see my GP numerous times for certificates to send off for ESA, my GP asked if I had applied, I explained I had been turned down and he was amazed. I've now reapplied but I'm not holding my breath. Along with Fibro I also have ulcerative colitis and panic/ anxiety attacks - which on occasion have caused me to blackout. I guess from reading the difficulties you all have had I had better start preparing for a fight!

In the meantime - I send you all gentle hugs

Ness x


Writing the forms is an art form in its own right. I remember when I reapplied (successfully) many years ago I repeated myself ad nauseum and added tables and all kinds of things that should not have been necessary. But certainly back then, using the right language and mentioning every single relevant point in every box even if you'd mentioned it elsewhere seemed to be needed.

The Benefits&Work guides help a lot of people. FibroAction are a professional membr of B&W so can email out the guides for free. Email if you want them.


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