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Hearing Problems

Hi guys.

Just a little question. Does anyone have hearing problems? It's been happening to me for a while now. I've deffo got reduced hearing in my right ear. My GP gave me some ear drops as she thinks it maybe a wax build up. However I've still got problems. I have to put my telephone to my left ear and when on the phone I have to have complete quiet because its so difficult to hear what's being said. I have to sit near the front at church otherwise I can't hear clearly. I just wondered if anyone else had problems?

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Pardon? I didn't catch what you said!

I'm as deaf as a post, but I just smile mysteriously and people think I'm a 'deep' person, not that I haven't heard them! Actually - I think they probably realise I'm a deaf old bat, but who cares?

I have otosclerosis, which would require surgery to correct, and I can't be bothered with it - I manage OK.

I never attend church unless forced to by 'Hatch, Match or Despatch', so that's not a problem for me!

Hopefully, babe, you hearing problem will be down to wax, which is easily sorted - hope it clears up soon!

Moffy x


I have a hearing problem, but mine is caused by severe tinnitus. I am having a MRI scan to rule out other causes and then in June I am being fitted with a hearing aid. Not looking forward to wearing one, but I need it for when I go out. I can manage at home even if the loud television drives hubby mad. There are worse things to cope with. I do wish I could get rid of the tinnitus though, it is awful at night and my sleep isn't good to start with. Hope you get sorted out. My sister in law had a lot of problems since having a bad viral infection. Have you had anything that could have caused it ? Regards x


Thanks for the replies ladies. I had swine flu in 2009 and fell on my coccyx in the bad winter of 2010 or 11 can't quite remember. Think I'll have to go back to my GP. I'm terrible really. I have the subtitles on the tv if I watch anything because I hate watching it without as some actors mumble or I can't hear what's completely being said. It does drive the hubbie mad and if we watching tv together he has to turn it up louder. I'll go back GP and see what she says. I don't know with everything else it sounds like I'm falling apart lols haha. Gotta keep smiling. Love and hugs to you both xxxxx


Hi , I am the same as you have described above. Espectialy with the television, also cannot hear what is being said if there is any background noise eg in a restaraunt etc. If ou go to specsavers they offer a free hearing test. Apparently I hear only the high sounds and not the low pitch. It can be so frustrating when with friends or family as I miss half the conversation, and being nosey I like to hear what is being said.

Good luck



Hi Izzy,

Thanks so much for your reply. I just rang my local specsavers and I'm unofrtuantely too young! Oh well, never mind. I will let you know how I get on with my GP. x



I am in my 40's and am seriously thinking I am going deaf, my hubbie and sons have noticed that my hearing is not all it should be. I checked with my gp and she looked in my ears to see if there was any wax etc and there was not but unless the hearing loss is severe they won't refer me to the hearing dept or consider a hearing aid so I am stuck. I guess if it continues to deteriorate then the NHS will have to do something.


I have been deaf since I was 5 so cannot answer anything on if hearing loss is part of fibro, what I would suggest if you are not happy ask for a referral to ENT clinic and get it checked by the proffesionals, If it is simply a build up wax why have you not been to practice nurse for syringing. Ear in my view should be left to the proffesionals, and remember everone begins to lose some hearing as they get older, could just be wear and tear or exposure to over loud noises.


Hi gailmarie,

Thanks for replying to my question. I certainly will go back to my gp. I thought it was nothing at first, but it is impacting on me quite a bit now. Thanks everyone xxx


Think I may have to go back to my GP as can't hear to well in right ear aand think I have bad tinnitus in left I to prefer to watch tv with subtitles oh complains I just tell him go watch in other room or pretend I don't hear him . Sithy


Hi Sithy.

Gosh its awful isn't it. I will be going to see my gp next week so will let everyone know how I get on. xxx


Hi Ladymoth...I get the same frustrating hearing problem often and have been told it's a buildup of wax plus I have in left ear a KINKY ear canal which makes the wax hard to remove with drops so always have to end up attending the ENT clinic, to have the wax removed by a vacuum instrument. It is painless and brings my hearing back until it happens again with wax build up....but have to get a referral from doctor first before appointment made. Hope this helps to anyone with the occasional hearing problem. Maddimegan31.


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