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How do you break a plateau when eating a healthy diet and exercising but still not decreasing weight?

Have been successful through diet and exercise, however have reached a plateau for a few weeks now. despite continuing with the healthy diet/exercise and not drinking for the past few weeks. I am still just outside of the healthy BMI guidelines which is my target. Any suggestions on how to break out of this?

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Have a day of eating not over excessively but anything you fancy... Chocolate or crisps or a few biscuits.... Then back into usual routine ... Worked for me......

Though please don't bite me if it doesn't work for you

VG x


Yes, I was told this too!! Trouble is I never knew when to stop eating!! Still don't!! XX


please remember that hey are after all guidelines. perhaps just outside them is the right healthy weight for you.

well done on the weight loss :)


I once went on a diet where you did not eat proteins with carbohydrates. I found I could not eat pasta without putting weight on!!! Veg and meat or veg and carbohydrates - 24hours of one or other but worked better for a week. If you don't like this, just try a different diet for the weekend and see if it works for you. Weight Watchers advise you not to stay with the same thing say cereal for breakfast every day, as boredom can cause a plateau. Also, keep a food diary, every morsal that passes your lips mind! Plus, muscle = weight. It weighs more than fat! So you could, actually, be at the correct weight but have more muscle than most! Ask your doctor for their opinion. Good luck! Hope this helps.

Soft hugs [been on so many diets...]


Can you see someone qualified to advise on exercise? It is normal with any exercise or physical training regime to have to change things up or increase the level to get improved results after you plateau. Possibly you could do this, but best to get good advice as you have Fibro.


I've tried the hypnotic gastric band, which helped me, but doesn't mean it'll help everyone. Aswith the other replies and aadvice, it would may be helpful to speak with a nutritionist. Good luck with everything hope you find something that helps. Be good to hear how you get on. X


I tried this, but, unfortunately it didn't work for me. I'm so glad to hear of someone it did work for though. Great news! X


Did you do the hypnotism online, or go to see someone?


The 'plateau' is well-known to anyone who has battled with their weight!

Your body has probably decided that it's happy with your present weight and is hanging on to what's left.

One tip which some people say works wonders is to try and drink some extra water - just another pint or so a day can give your metabolism a boost.

Cutting your carbohydrate portions slightly, and increasing the ratio of green veg and raw fruit and veg is another way to give the metabolism a kick in the pants.

More exercise is always a help, but for us fibro sufferers it's difficult. Maybe a change in the types of exercise you do might help.

Finally VG's tip about one day of calorie-loading does work - strange but true! It's almost as though it starts your body on a 'burn' with plenty of available energy.

Ah well, try these things and let us know how you get on. :)

Moffy x


I always have a week end blowout, that sometimes kick starts the metabolism, also was also advised to drink lemon juice in hot water, usually fresh with a wedge in the cup, it detox's and being citrus/acidic actually helps burn cals. I find it nice in summer with soda water and ice, in fact prefer it to booze.


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