Fatty Liver and Fibromyalgia

Hi All,

I have now been diagnosed with a fatty liver as if I haven't got enough to contend with alongside my GERD, IBS, Depression and Fibromyalgia. Does anyone else have this condition? And if so, any ideas on how to loose the weight I have gained over the years due to the pain I get from doing any amount of exercise. Since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, on the advice of my GP, I have laid off the alcohol and have eaten a fairly healthy diet but to date have not lost any weight whatsoever, which is not helping my depression I have to say. When I told my GP about not being able to loose weight after weeks of effort, her answer was to not weigh myself...I mean "you need to loose weight but don't weigh yourself"...Am I missing something here???

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  • Hey,

    I have now lost 2 stone and 3 pounds since May so I may be able to help a little here, like you the weight was really weighing (excuse the pun!) on my depression and my general mood and feelings about myself!

    It was really difficult to begin with, as it does increase your pain, but I found after a week or so it actually really began to help. With everyone it's different you need to find something that helps you, for example swimming really hurts my pelvis but I know a lot of people find it useful! I try and go for a gentle walk a few times a week and I also go to the gym and do some weights (good because I can do these sitting down!)

    I also really cut down on carbs, only a small portion and only once a day and I have drunk a lot more water! Also, not eating when I'm not hungry has really helped (obviously if you need to eat for medication you can't do this, but I came off all of my tablets at the same time!)

    Hope this helps hun ❤️❤️





  • Thank you Danielle for this positive outlook on exercise...I will make an a determined effort to do some (even if only a little) exercise. From what I have read so far regarding a fatty liver less carbohydrates is the recommended way to go. Also less refined sugar (all my comfort foods in other words) but have already just about given them up! xx

  • It sounds silly but aim low! I try and aim to go twice a week which is a reasonable and achievable amount for me! That way I don’t feel like I have let myself down and if I do manage more it’s brilliant!! Don’t let people tell you what you can and can’t do hun ♥️☺️

  • I know that I couldn't aim high as a little bit of housework on Thursday set off a flare yesterday...it is just so frustrating when you try to loose weight and nothing happens and now I have the added worry of an unhealthy liver to add to the into the mix. xx

  • I completely know what you mean! It makes everything 10 times worse! Just done housework today and some work and a food shop and can already feel the pain starting in my pelvis xxx

  • I was actually diagnosed with a fatty liver many years back way before fibro was diagnosed. At the time I was not overweight and had a good diet and took more exercise than most. Still have it many years later but to my knowledge hasn't got any worse.

    I understand what the GP is saying about not weighing yourself as people lose weight at different rates and it can make people more paranoid about their weight. Some weeks you make lose 4lbs and another none. You then fixate on the last week when you listen nine instead of congratulating yourself that you have lost 4 lbs. My husband goes by his belt size he knows he is losing when he has to do up his belt another notch.

    Often we are thirsty rather than hungry and it is difficult to tell the difference. By drinking a glass of water before a meal it will rehydrate you but also make you feel fuller. Make sure there are no cakes and biscuits etc around but plenty of fruit and veg if you feel the need to snack. Use w smaller dinner plate as it will make your dinner look bigger. Do have a treat once a week as it will be something to look forward to.

    Try and get some exercise even stretching helps doing some exercises with resistance bands.

    Be aware that some medication can cause weight gain. Many people find Gabapentin and Pregablin can do that and of course steroids

    Good luck.x

  • Hi rosewine, good to hear from you and hope you are well. I'd forgotten that you did mention to me previously that you had been diagnosed with a fatty liver some years back and pleased to hear that you are no worse off for it. I have not had a chat to my GP about it yet but I'm sure that she is just going to tell me to keep on with the diet and do some exercise. The only medication that I am currently on is Prozac (for my depression), Omeprazole (for my GERD) and Co-codamol for pain and after reading on here about the side effects of the 2 medications you mention I am reluctant to go down that route if I can help it.

    If I'm honest, I wasn't surprised at 56 years of age to get a fatty liver diagnosis as I have enjoyed a drink over the years, being single I am guilty of eating a lot of processed ready meals and my comfort eating does consist of carbohydrates and suger! From what I understand putting on weight with both a fatty liver and fibromyalgia is par for the course so I think a lot of perseverance is ahead of me.

    Thank you for your sound advice but I am going to miss my rose wine, cheesecake and choux buns!! xx

  • Hi cuddlyka. I think you must be my doppleganger. I've got every symptom you have. I've had GORD since I was 17 (now 44). Fatty liver disease, IBS and depression and anxiety along with fibromyalgia. I'm about a stone and a half overweight according to my doctor and I'm struggling to loose it, but I'm not gaining either. Because I've also got diabetes my diet is pretty strict. I know how you feel in every way. Good luck with finding a solution.

  • I don't know why you get a fatty liver. I am petite and only drink couple wines now and then.I was told I had this year's ago when had scans for pain.

    My sister and niece have fatty livers so maybe it's hereditary

  • Hello cuddlyka ,

    I would say that your Gp was suggesting that you don't become too fixated by your weight? I would offer you some simple advice. I would not think of the way you make your food choices as being 'on a diet' instead try to think of what you eat as being part of a healthy life style choice?

    For myself, I try to think about choosing real food, which has a good nutrition content. Do not have foods that you are never allowed to eat .For example crisp or chocolate,but if you have some try to buy smaller packets? I often try to eat naturally sweet food as part of my main meal to try and satisfy my sugar craving. I will cook sweet potatoes or eat natural yoghurt with fresh blueberries or apple. This cuts down on the added sugar which is often included in readymade fruit yogurt and other pudding choices. I do this because I have sjogrens and dry mouth. I am more prone to tooth decay

    .I also want to keep my weight down because I have mobility issues as well as Ra and Oa. If I became very heavy I would not be able to move so easily?

    I try and do the 80% - 20% philosophy ? Healthy ish choices most of the time? Try smaller potions and use healthy unprocessed food? If doing so,you do not have to be fixated on calories. I also have vegetarian meals several times a week .This seems to be good for my ra as I find eating lots of meat can trigger symptoms.

    Above all ,do not feel guilty about what you eat? Food is to be enjoyed? Do not fall into the trap of counting calories and worrying about every mouthful? That just increases the earnings of the multi million diet industry?

    Breakfast like a king , have dinner like a pauper works for me too. But do not get too rigid and judgemental about your food? If you eat well? The calorie count should remain generally reasonable and there fore not worth worrying over?

    I hope the above does not sound like a sermon? Good luck with your healthy eating. But remember, we all have off days too?

    I hope I have given you something to consider? We do not have to be slaves to calories and food can be enjoyed and not a source of guilt?

    It is very possible that the medications we are on can contribute to fatty liver? We are lucky that we have regular blood test to keep within healthy limits?

    What is difficult is so many readily available cheap convenience foods are highly processed and calorie dense but nutrient poor? It is hardly surprising that so many people are becoming over weight?

    I am also a firm believer in the saying a little of what you fancy does you good! Keep trying. Small steps will get you there.

    I believe that cutting down on carbohydrates can help our bodies process our food so that we don't store as much fat in our cells or liver?

    This is suggested in the low carb high fat 'diet'. This is not really high fat? It just means choosing normal fat options in our daily life and not the artificial low fat choices? Also , having a meal containing a sensible amount of normal fat can help us feel full and stop us snacking on extra food between meals? That is my rationale.

    Our bodies and brains need a certain amount of fat to function well. It all sounds like the sort of normal eating our grand parents would have done without a second thought. It was a world before trans fat and heavily processes convenience food? That is why I try to eat normal food but keep half an eye on potion size adding plenty of vegetables. Hope you like plenty of different veg? Unlike my mother, who will only eat peas, but has lots of fruit daily!

    Enjoy your food choices.

    Good luck and best wishes to you xx

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