Stress, exercise and fibro

In flare up again. So again, thinking about triggers and about how to respond to flares. I posted before about exercise and stress and I'm still convinced that regular, moderate exercise, rest and relaxation and a healthy diet are excellent ways to manage fibro. But, they don't seem to help me once the flare starts and it feels like an unstoppable downward spiral. Having been feeling great for a few weeks, I was gutted when I started flaring up again a week or so ago. And, knowing it was coming, feeling it, hasn't helped me stop it. The meds haven't helped. My exercise hasn't helped and nor has my healthy diet, nor my many expensive supplements. Maybe I just have to accept it and wait for the next few weeks of feeling good, but I really wish I knew how to pre-empt the flare and stop it, especially when I can almost see it coming.

I found this article, which touches on these things interesting, although it's not new so most of you have already seen it.

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I like the way it explains the stress - fibro link. It says: "Fibromyalgia research has shown the importance of specific endocrine glands and the hormones they release with the overall neurotransmitter balance of the body. The 3 endocrine glands that Fibro patients should be most interested in are the Adrenals, Pituitary and Hypothalamus. This is better known as the HPA axis and is directly related to the secretion of numerous chemicals that control the transmission of nerve impulses along with many other bodily functions. When stress throws these glands into an imbalance the result is often severe dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system causing an array of symptoms. This is the main connection between stress and Fibromyalgia and why the stress component needs to be addressed." [Edited by Admin] [To add quote source] (Dr Mark 2010, Fibrocarecenter)

Most importantly I like the fact that she considers ways of interrupting that stress response (and even describes it as a downward spiral - this is how I've always envisioned it), e.g. "A light easy walk for 20 minutes can also help to reduce stress and help reverse the downward spiral caused by a cascading imbalance of neurochemicals. Even the simplest act of playing soothing music throughout the day can help reduce stress. Other stress reducing techniques should also be considered and can greatly help keep your stress hormones under control".

So even though I feel rotten today, maybe, if the weather is nice, I will get back out on my bike again tomorrow to try and correct this chemical imbalance.

If any of you have figured out how to catch a fibro flare up before it has taken control of your body, please tell me your secret!

Blessings everyone x

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  • What does your healthy diet consist of?

  • Hi Apple4me

    I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing a flare up again and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to the issue.

    The paradox of all of this in my mind is that you are totally correct, however, by the very nature of Fibro is will come back when you least expect it and bit you on the b*m! I think if anyone could develop a system to alleviate Fibro by means of a set course of diet, exercise, moderate medication and sleep, then they would become the next world figure with a Nobel prize and a few billion in the bank?

    Right, that's it! I am going to do some research and make a mint?

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Good luck Ken! Don't forget us when you get rich and famous. Plus, definitely don't forget us when you get the cure!! Gentle hugs, Julie xxx

  • I would ensure everybody on here got free treatment! It would be wonderful to find a cure! Nothing wrong with having dreams?

    Take care

    Ken x

  • You are so right Ken. May we forever have our dreams.

    Hugs, Julie xxx

  • Not forgetting my youthful boyish good looks and charm? Okay, I'll just stick with the dreams!

    Take care my friend

    Ken x

  • LOL!! You said it Ken! And I'm the double of Marilyn Monroe, and married to Harrison Ford:!!! Have got fibro fog, computer and Daughter and Son probs, so am wanting to believe in dreams not reality atm. Hugs and hoping you are well, Julie xxx

  • although Fibro is a physical condition do know that personally my mental condition does play a large part.

  • I think that you are totally correct Betty67! I genuinely think our state of mind can play enormous tricks with our Fibro.

    Take care

    ken x

  • Sounds to me your doing everything right. Unfortunately

    I have not been able to get out

    of a 2 month flare. Usually if I feel

    A flare coming on I try to pace

    Myself. Good luck I hope you

    can get past it hugs.

  • I genuinely hope that you start to feel better soon.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Thanks for comments. Feel better already. Main thing: rest. Doesn't always work for me, but so far so good. Had a wonderful lie in this morning. My husband got the kids up and out of the house without waking me up. I rode my bike for maybe 10-15 minutes on Monday, managed to work on Tuesday and today but have really limited my activities in every other way and have put myself to bed early every night. Taking Lyrica (Pregabalin) now (150mg) and it seems to agree with me. Lights out time now. Looking forward to a lazy day at home tomorrow. Will do some housework (not much) and sit in the garden if it's fine. Night all :)

  • I am delighted that you are feeling a bit better. Resting doesn't always agree with me either. Hope you are back to your usual self soon.


    Ken x

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