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Pains in the Summer

Dear all,

I don’t write very often here but I do read every single day what you all are being through with this crazy illness and I am sad most of the time. I have been diagnosed with fibro last summer due to unbearable pains but I am sure I started this bit long time ago.

I was in England and moved down to Italy because of my husband with my 7 months bump. Ever since had a very difficult life means very very difficult life. Parent-in-law, pregnancy in a county with no one, language, stressful husband etc…. However, cutting the story short, (if I write my agony life, I won’t be able to stop). I was ok during the winter. But here I am again. It is almost impossible to get up from the bed in the morning as every single point in my body is so painful. Most of the time I cry sitting down in a corner not been able to bear the physical and mental pains. I am totally alone, there is no one to talk, no one to tell how I feel only my 2 year old son. My only place make me feel better is this forum.

I don’t take any medication apart from paracetamol. Here the health care is very sleepy. Just to do a simple thing, it take ages. ( It is hard to find someone work on time, min waiting duration is about a hrs). My son had a vascular problem, which I diagnosed when he was in 10 months but it took 1 year to have a treatment and it infected inside and he ended up having colostomy because of the system and the people’s ignorance.

Today with these horrible pains whether I am capable or not have to take care my sick son. I am very happy to do my best for him. Nevertheless, sometimes it’s hard as I get moments with no strength at all.

I was wondering is anyone experience pains, difficulties when there is sun and hot weather. In fact, I am very sensitive to lights and sounds.

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Hi Sudu,

I'm sorry you are having such a terrible time. It looks as though you need to take some strong action. Would you be able to get yourself and your son to somewhere that you can receive proper medical care? You don't say where you are, but I have heard that Italian medical care is good in the big cities. You could even come back to England maybe?

I am worse in very hot weather - and in very cold weather also. It's better when the weather is mild!

I hope you can find some proper care for yourself and your son.

Moffy x


Oh Sudu I feel so sorry for you my thoughts and prayers are with you.XX


Oh Sudu I feel so sorry for you my thoughts and prayers are with you.XX


Hi sudu. hugs and blessings.


Thank you all,

Yes Moffy, i always thinking to come back to England. In this case I will be my own with my son. it is bit pulling me away sometimes when It come to the question how to survive, find a job, pay bills, live alone with little a one, etc... but I think I have to take a serious action soon.


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