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The after math of pip

Want to thank you all for all your concern.

But I tryed to sleep but couldn't. Everything going round and round in my mind so I got up and started writing down what went on what's happened. It does help but so dies having a few whisky but how I will feeling tomorrow, who knows.

I can't get out of my mind why didn't I see how I was being talked to to actually tell some one there not interested in if you s**t your self there aids out there use them and I just sat there and took it.

I am just so mad I think I am going to stit and write all this down in bullet points how my son taught me and take it to my mp.

How I wish my son was here he is working away just now have to wait till end of September for him to be home he would sort it out for me. He,s so good with me very well educated I made sure all three did better than me, did everything I could do in my power to make sure what they had in them came out and how it worked I am so proud of them all and of myself for having three such interesting boys.

The thing is I was always good at maths but not English.

I know I am ranting but you know what it's good to have some one to rant at, my husband is brilliant but most be fed up some times all I know all he says is have another one and clam down a bit . Poor sod I really feel for him sometimes it is all to easy to forget the people that's doing the caring . So hats off to them all.

Ho well had my rant.

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Hi again Newquay

I am so genuinely and sincerely sorry and appalled by how you are feeling about your assessment, and it could be quite therapeutic to make notes and list down in bullet form everything that was said to you, and how it was said.

However, I am worried that you are going to make yourself quite ill with a bad flare up if you allow this to keep going around and around in your head and do not give yourself time to rest and recuperate. By allowing yourself to feel this way constantly you are giving this person power over you to dictate your feelings and your thoughts, and please do not ever allow a person to have this kind of power over you as it is not worth the pain and suffering that you could end up enduring.

My advice (from my heart) is to rest, and get a good sleep. Then write down everything and contact the organisation that implemented the assessment. Ask them about the questions that you should have been asked, and inform them of the attitude of the assessor. Ask them to investigate the assessment and suggest that you are prepared to go for another with a different assessor if they feel the procure was compromised.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Oh I know just how you feel my husband received his letter yesterday from pip they have rejected his claim if you could see how he has to live it would make you cry his right knee is treble the size of the left knee after an operation and arthritis has set in his left ankle he's had over 29 operations and now has practically no ankle bone he's in constant pain I've been awake since very early as well worrying myself sick we will lose £400 I also have health problems so can't work. Now starts the letter writing he is asking for reconsideration he feels as if he's begging he's a very proud man so I know just how you feel I'm sending you a very gentle hug we can stay strong together xx


Hi I am so sorry you have been refused.

Yes please start the letter writing at this very moment I was just going to look for a phone no to complain.

Mine was only yesterday and what ever the out come the way I was talk too is dam right disgusting.

Please keep us all informed.

Please may I ask how long have you waited for his results.

God bles you both.


Hi the wait wasn't too long about 3wks now we lose the blue badge and have to pay road tax and they have only given him 2wks to do all this and his money stops the last thing anyone wants when your not well is more worry these people at Atos. don't care about the worry they cause


By law they have to give you 4 weeks notice because you are paid a month in arrears to start with. You done have to lose the blue badge don't need to be claiming benifits to get that.


Hi sorry I didn't see your original post and reply ,I have just read it so responding to both here ,don't stress to much at this point ,but does sound as if you have been treated like me in my original assesment assessment .i have disability advocate coming this morning to reapply for a fresh appeal ,I was wading through paper work yesterday , and realise I don't have any of my original supporting letters ,so have had to text round everyone last night for fresh one ,bit cross about that ,not sure who kept them think might be original advocate .anyhow . Try not to get worked up ,we are going to be as I said this morning ,and there's nothing stopping you but get all the help you can ,start getting professional help along side your family ,and speak to Emma and Janet here ,then find and advocate ,sorry not brill myself at moment have to get up and not feeling to good to start round two six of my pip fight.

Take it one step at a time ,you I think get 1 month from the date of each letter to fight an injustice .

Take care

Chris x


Made enquiries once my husbands dla finishes he must give back blue badge and pay road tax


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