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High heels? What???

I hate high heels. They are not comfortable.

Fibro and heels don't belong in the same sentence.

I have only just started walking properly again, and what shoes should I wear? Heels? Not a chance!

I struggle finding flat comfortable shoes. Where are all the lovely, professional looking, reasonably priced shoes?

I work part time in a professional environment - I need to look professional (even if it is only for a few hours), but thete are no suitable shoes anywhere!!

Thank you, rant over.

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I feel for you since getting arthritis is my ankles I have specially moulded insoles .. Great but they don't fit into nice shoes... Heels are a wonderful memory... If you find some flat shoes that look smart please post cos I am fed up with jeans and trainers

Joins you in the rant

VG x


Jeans!!!!! Oh you are lucky haven't been able to wear them in a long time as too heavy for my knees. I either wear very light trousers or a skirt.


I love high heels, I can't walk in them, but I still buy them and just keep them to look at. Sometimes I sit on the bed and try them on and dream :) OK, I know I'm mad, but who cares?

Now, when it comes to actually walking, you have M&S Footgloves range - they're pretty good and rather smart, or for extreme comfort try Ecco footwear - a tad expensive, but last for years and very smart and comfortable. They're great with jeans, and even look OK-ish with skirts.

If you are lucky enough to be able to afford bespoke shoes, this is the guy:

Probably the most comfortable shoes on the planet, and in my opinion should be available on prescription - would save the NHS thousands in treatment of foot problems, and there are some smart styles available.

So there you are - you pays yer money, and you takes yer choice! :)

Moffy x


Last Saturday I told my daughter I was going to get rid of everything that I could no longer wear and asked her if she wanted stuff towards the boot sale she is doing on bank holiday Monday. She said well if you are getting rid of shoes there is one pair I would like.

We went through all the shoe boxes and when she found the ones she wanted I could have cried. Brand new, never worn black suede with a bow on the front with a 2 inch heel. I love those shoes but as I can no longer wear heels I let her have them. I made her promise not to sell them or throw them away - ever.

I know we are not supposed to advertise on here but am I allowed to say I get most of my shoes from Shoe Tailor, not cheap but good selection and choice of widths.


Hi Lynne - I think I must have that same pair of black suede shoes - lovely, and I'm keeping them just to gloat over!

I will have a look at Shoe Tailor - I haven't seen them around. I think it's OK to mention products and brand names that you have had experience of - it only counts as advertising if you actively promote them.

It's very valuable to have hints and tips about what's good to buy. You can waste so much money trying to find what you need, and having someone else's opinion is a great help.

On that note, My daughter persuaded me to buy a pair of Vans sneakers. I was appalled at paying in excess of £40 for a pair of canvas 'daps', but I have had them for five years, and they are my default shoes for whenever my feet are really giving me gyp - so comfy and with a shaped insole.

Well, between us all we have potentially spent about £600 on shoes - nothing like a bit of wanton extravagance on a Friday morning! :D


I would love to wear heels!!! I nearly cried when I had to give away my high heeled 'sexy' boots after the arthritis in big toe got too painful to allow me to wear them. I buy softlites from shoefayre. I like the suede flatties with a little bar across them. They do them in black leather and they are quite smart. My best supporting shoes are a pair of hiking trainers with ankle support. I tried the flat 'ugg' style boots but they give no support at all. At the moment I am getting a lot of foot pain so it is imperative that I don't succumb to fashion!!!!!! But oh, to be able to wear heels once more.


Heels are a real problem but be careful not to go too flat! I made that mistake and paid the price with plantar fasciitis which is a painful heel condition ( to do with muscles apparently so is yet another thing linked to fibro ) it took me 12 months to get rid of it and now I can't wear my favourite shoes this summer. I have just bought some pavers shoes which are really comfy.


Know the feeling, I mourn the days of heels as well but a combination of osteo in my feet, fibro and a crook back have made flats a must. Hotter shoes sometimes have the odd pair that look professional without making you look as if you belong in a care home. Also Rockport have lovely memory foam insoles and have a whole range of styles. Probably have to buy them online. They're pricey but very well made so will hopefully last with care. I treated myself to a pair of suede trainers and a lovely smart but pretty pair of ballet flats and think it was money well spent.


I am on the same wagon hear I loved my stillettes when I was younger and loved the Roland Cartier ones expensive but worth the money and the wait to save up for them, but lasted forever if taken care of. Like every one else have to now wear shoes with a small heel or flats, so goodbye Roland Cartier and hello Clarks and K Shoes. I find these comfortable as I go to buy the shoes when my feet are swollen so that I can get the right width fitting, as my feet tend to swell as the day goes on.


High heels are a distant memory for me, way back in prehistoric times, when Ballroom dancing was fashionable, and Len Goodman was a young bloke with hair!

Nowadays I plod around in walking boots, the only things I can comfortably wear, as they have a shaped footpad. Won't find too many of them on the dance floor!


I struggled wearing high heels for years, the height of them became lower and lower, then with the arrival of spondylosis it became about a 1" default height - any higher and my back complains. I also struggle wearing flat, flats as they don't seem to have any of the shock absorbing properties my back needs.

I wear Fly Flots/Pavers (from, Ecco (under £20 from TK Maxx) and M&S Footglove. My default shoes are my Fly Flot clogs & the first time I wore them I swear I heard my feet sigh with relief!


Clarks have quite a few flat shoes atm :)


My newest pair of shoes are from CottonTraders and very comfortable. I have to be very careful as I only wear clogs/backless shoes without socks as I can't reach my feet usually due my pain being mainly bottom downwards.


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