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Through the night to battle with my feet

stranger and stranger said Alice. - If only life were as easy as jumping through a rabbit hole!

No sleep but rather strange resting on here at whilst drinking tea. Up at bandaged my leg washed etc downstairs started to try on new shoes for a tea party I am going to on Sunday. Struggled to get feet in so tightened the fastenings around leg squeeeeeesed and shoved but to no avail even the long red shoe horn thingy could not bring the back of the shoes up on to my feet. Panting slightly I gave up reached for normal shoes and started again. I won but my back is very disgruntled it seems to think I should never wear shoes again.

So with teary eyes I set upon ways of covering my feet so I could meet the great unwashed public. How rude. I have two options open to me the trainery things that just fit my feet or I could wear my boots which kindly wrap right over left and go very big but look

appauling something that even Mary poppins would reject.

I am shattered and it is only 7

m. What a disastrous start to tidying for my daughter to come home for a week with my Grandson. I can already hear his laughter!

So who cares what I wear smiles broadly I shall be positive. I shall stand as tall as I can and smile the smile is most important at a tea party for blind people -they can hear it in your voice (they can not see the shoe)


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Oh dear gins, I do feel for you! I used to love pretty shoes, but can't walk in them anymore. I bought some canvas dap things from Schu, called GoWalks and they are a godsend, very comfy and soft to walk in, and they look reasonably nice with a casual skirt or trousers, but if I need a more formal shoe, I'm really in trouble! :(

Ah well, I'm sure people will be more interested in your company than what you have on your feet! I hope you have a good time at the tea party and with your grandson. Grand babies are the most delightful thing ever!

Moffy x


Oh Moffy you are so right the people coming to the tea party are lovely disabled with blindness and we read to them regularly. You are right again grand babies are a sheer joy disapears grinning :D xgins


I had to resort to flat mule things ,(ones with just one strap across the foot) this is a compromise as I can't wear flip flops as I don't have long enough toes to grip so they don't stay on! I also can't wear heels (I fall off them) and even I,no matter how much I love them,can't wear trainers in hot (eh hem,sorry,what?!) weather! Well (as in healthy) people just don't realise do they?!

Thanks for the chuckle,have a lovely time at the Garden party lol,X


Hi gins like you I have a shoe problem ... My fitted insoles are so big heels are out ... Shoes with low backs as out most sandals are thin straps here and there so I am left with trainers ... I have 3 nice pairs but trainers socks and a skirt ... No... It will not do ... So looks like I am in jeans and trainers.. I have tried to sneak my foot into a sandal or a nice flat shoe ... Walked to the mirror in the shop to admire and given up with the pain in my ankle from not having the support..... I think I shall take I think it was moffs advice and sit in a wheel chair in the most fantastic pair of shoes I can with my feet on the table so everyone notices.... No not me knickers me shoes .......sighs ....... And waddles off in a pair of summery trainers.....

Vg x


Oh yes - that's the only good thing about a wheelchair - you can wear shoes that you would never in a thousand years be able to walk in!

Yours glamorously,

Wheely -Moffy x


what a brilliant notion I could have a happy pair of Jimmy choos what a todo and sit in my wheel chair grinning at every one (laughs merrily) THanks all I needed bringing back to earth :)

have a good day xgins


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