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Pain clinic was good!!! Well worth walking for three hours!!!!!!!!!

I managed to walk there and back - though I can't move an inch now! But I am so glad I did. The consultant was brilliant, and made me feel like I wasn't just a number or a name.

I didn't realise how many people in Oxfordshire have this horrible illness, and it looks like there is a lot of research being done here too. I have put myself forward as a guinea pig :-)

All my meds are going to change, and have been referred to a pain rehabilitation unit, if you want to know more about it will post a link to the web page. Its going to be a long time sorting out the levels of meds, but feel a lot more positive, more than I have done for a while.

So all you guys out there - try and get referred, you never know it might help a lot xx

Sending you all gentle hugs and hope you get a good evening and night xx thanks for listening to my moan earlier!!!

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Hi love,

so glad you are glad you went and it was worth it.

Do we have to call you Miss Guinea pig then now?? :)

Gentle hugs to you, take it very easy tonight. xxx


im back to pain clinic next month

n they help

ill keep ya in the loop when i get back think its 17th april


Hi misskittycat,

I am so pleased you are finally getting some help hun. :)

Hopefully these new meds might make a difference, fingers crossed.

And omg walking all that way, you need a medal lol.

you have to keep us updated hun,

big hugs kel xxxx


Fab news about the pain clinic......they are really good as the Drs understand and my consultant is so lovely that he gives me as much time with him that I need. One day it was an hour!!

Hope it goes really well for you and you don't have a flare up tomorrow due to the walk!!!xxx


Hi it is strange i was referred to a pain clinic and was there for an hour with a really nice woman but she could do nothing for me so did not want to see me again isnt it strange they are in the same proffession yet different outlooks on things but glad you got help and meds love to you diddle x


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