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Hi I was just wondering if anyone's children have also been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or the same type of symptoms? I've also been told I have hypermobility syndrome and that it would of stemmed from childhood. Now my daughter is 9 years old and has always been bendy and slightly doubled jointed. When she stands straight her knees bend inwards, can turn her elbows, feet around neck while sitting. Just lately she has mentioned certain pains and twinges in feet, arms and hands. Other than that she is always in good health, never has all the viruses, colds and flus that my son and I have. But I was just wondering if it carries on, do I just dismiss as growing pains at this age or get her checked out? I certainly wouldn't let it drag on for years though as in my case. I know that these things can be hereditary, especially with women.

Jo x

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  • My 37 year old daughter has symptoms.

  • Hi Jo...Bit of a dilemma as you don't want to ignore her symptoms but you also don't want to put a label on her. If you have a good gp why don't you talk it over with him/her and see what they say. My daughter when she was young always had leg pains but by the age of 13/14 yrs had no problems....if there is such a thing as "growing pains" then it may be as simple as that...I hope so! Let us know how things go Jo....xx

  • There is no evidence, apparently, that fibro is hereditary. My two elder children have some 'symptoms' but I just hope it stays that way. I wouldn't wish my life on them.

    When I questioned the heredity issue it was suggested that 'learned behavior' had been noticed in some families.

  • Hi I have chronic faceial pain also chronic back pain my daughter is 15 and has fibro cf and ibs acid reflux she was diagnosed with hypermobilty syndrome at 3 she started suffering with aches and pains around 10 I thought it was growing pain only got diagnosed around 2 years ago

  • Hi ErosisSore, well, interestingly enough I have been doing quite a bit of research on just this subject and i'll tell you why and what Iv'e found.

    I have Fibro, Polymyalgia, Arthritis & Degenerative nerve damage. I have 3 daughters who have all suffered terrible problems with Back, Knees, falling over, constantly unwell with sore throats, sinus problems, My youngest I think is probably the worse and she has every single symptom of fibro & if she hasn't got it, i will definitely eat my hat lol.

    She has Tourettes & some double jointed joints, but not all. Her son has Chronic Tourettes & has full hypermobility, also pains in feet and hands, which stops him from walking at times & has great difficulty writing, some stretchy skin.

    Her other son has Tourettes but not so bad, he is more high functioning Aspergers & all the ADHD, OCD, that goes with it. He has very stretchy skin but no hypermobilty.

    They have now found a correlation between Autism & a lot of things which come under the Autistic Spectrum, <they now call it> People with Autism have a very high pain thresh hold and a times can come across as not feeling any pain.

    People with Fibro are obviously totally the opposite and highly sensitive to pain. So they now know that it is the same part of the brain that is effected and they can now tell if you have fibro by scanning the brain because people with Fibro have an area of brain mass that is different.

    When we recently went to physio for my grandson, she looked at me and said, "Is it Fibro you have ?". When I said yes asked her why she would say that, she then said, " Its very common for Hypermobility to lead on to Fibro and they seemed to be connected in a lot of cases.

    I think they are looking at geneology more now in Fibro and I don't think it will be long before they say, yes fibro runs in families and is hereditary. I'm 99 & half % positive now that my nan suffered with it for many years. She used to have injections in her back & lots of fibro symptoms.

    I have also spoken to another member a while back, who has also 3 daughters that all have fibro.

    Hope this helps.

    Peace, luv n light


  • WOW, thank you for the input. I forgot to mention above that my 2- first cousins 1X removed have been diagnosed with Fibro both from different uncles. As has a 1st cousin , her father is grandfather to one of the 1st cousins1x removed (her father is brother to the 1st cousin). So it would seem in my family it even moves down through the father's as well as mother's. I only wish that the medical community could come up with EXACT test for fibro, instead we have to be tested for every thing else to eliminate all the other stuff. My rhumy tested me for every thing. They did not test for MS and I am here to tell you Fibro mimics MS, closely.Except for the damage MS does to the myelin that covers the nerves. But we have the same nerve pain and fatigue. Well, I am off, Husband 's doctor appt for botox to husbands arm, hoping for relief for the MS spans (arm and hand). Take care, MaryJ

  • Yes you are so right, my friend had MS & she used to say to me, that's how I feel & it's definitely very much the same, apart from the damage, as you say. Then I think, a very high % of people with Fibro (According to research), have peripheral neuropathy, this is same as in MS..there is the test when you have the 18 tender spots on body, this is pretty much a very strong indication that you have it. I know when I was examined many yrs ago, I nearly punched him cos he was giving me real pain & it was like he was purposely hurting me haha, well it's their own fault, they should tell you what they are doing lol.

    I didn't have a clue about what they were doing back then & totally unheard of Fibro & trigger points & i just thought, what on earth is he doing cos everytime he touched me in areas, I was actually shouting out Owch, oooh ahhh Why are you doing that ?. So I would say, that is quite easy for them to diagnose cos I don't think any other disease or disorder that you have these trigger points, ( don't quote me on that) but think I'm right in saying that).

    Luv Jan x

  • Very true. Thank you for your answer. It really means a lot to me to know other people understand.

  • Hi, I don't know if it's hereditary, me and my cousin both have fibromyalgia and spine problems, I've had one lot of surgery on my spine and she goes in soon to have hers done, I've heard people say they have daughters with same problem, hopefully it's growing pains and not fibro, love and wishes xx

  • Yes, my daughter was diagnosed recently, she also has Ehlors Danlos, not sure of spelling x

  • Hi ErosisSore

    I am so genuinely sorry to read of your concerns for your daughter. I have two grown up children, and they have never shown any signs of my Fibro. I want to sincerely wish you and your family all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • My two grown up girls have fibromyalgia too.I have two other auto immune diseases so hope they don't inherit them too

  • My 27 years old son has many of the symptoms.

  • Thanks to everyone for their answers and thoughts on this subject. I will keep an eye on her and listen when she tells me about pains and twinges and discuss why she has them. Like today she came out of school limping and said her wrist hurts and it turns out that she fell over in PE...doing Street dance! But yes on a more serious note I will take notice if they are happening for no reason!

    All the best to everyone

    Jo x

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