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30 Years old and been told I am going through early menopause

Morning everyone,

I was told last week that after a year of no periods blood tests showed hight fsh and lh and low estrogen and the result levels showed are in line with early menopause.

We are only days into the road of finding out what this means for me and my husband. Not only just the heartbreak of our decreased chances for pregnancy but what all this might mean for me later in life.

If anyone is going through this please post/ connect with me.

We have our first appointment on the 15th Feb to find out more with the fertility clinic but I'm just heartbroken and need help and support if anyone's there x x xx

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I cant connect with your personal dituation but i am 29 yrs old and have been trying for 7years to concieve. I have had a roller coaster of feelings highs n lows hopes n dissapointments. The only thing i can say at the moment is try to remain positive. Stress really does not help and will only put strain on both your body and your relationship. Drs will be honest and tell yiu your optobs and chances of success. And remember while ever you havnt been told it wont happen there is a chance.. hold onto that. Saz x


Thanks for commenting for me, just feel very low which is why I am trying to get get involved on her to try and meet as many people in similar situations as possible.



Hi. So sorry to hear that you are probably going through an early menopause. Obviously, if you haven’t already had them done, you will need to have your blood hormone levels repeated to confirm this. If your FSH level is not too high, then there still may be something they can work with. However, although you will still be feeling very raw, and if your levels are still very high, you will most likely be offered treatment using an egg donor. Probably furthest from your thoughts, but it is a very positive option to consider. If you have a look at our website infertilitynetworkuk.com and register with us, you will be able to access the Forums and contact others in the same/similar situations as yourself. Meanwhile I wish you well with your appointment next week. Regards Diane


Thank you for your comments and for your time at lunch time. I really appriciated you taking the time to explain things with me.

I will update my blog after next week to let anyone else going through this what the feedback was from the clinic.


Good luck. I'm going through donor egg treatment at the moment. Please do get some counselling to help you and your partner come to terms with this and help decide what you want to do next.

FG x


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