Which HRT to try?Help needed, I am 39, and went into early menopause shortly after my son was 2 years old he is now 6 years :)

Hi my story is a long one I will try and make it as short as possible, i had severe endometriosis and had it all obliterated in 2006 and was told the chance of conceiving a child would be near on impossible, anyway a miracle happened and I became pregnant with our one and only little prince who is the light of our lives, when our son was 2 I suffered a miscarriage and paid private to have it investigated, my bloods we're taken as I was hyperthyroid to and they were checking everything, my fish came back at 65, I was offered folical tracking and was given the devasting news that I did not have one single egg left in my body :( the next few years were horrendous not only grieving that I could not have any more children but I was faced with early menopause. I still bled every now and again and it was investigated, my consultant offered me a simple procedure called a tcre which would remove the lining of my womb to stop any further bleeds. This operation was last year, I had complications in surgery resulting in an infection two weeks after which resulted in me having to have 6 bags of blood transfused, I was critical and my family all called in, my Bp was 57 systolic but by some miracle I started to pull through, a year on and I'm feeling much better, but I need help in finding a HRT which works in early menopause I have tried fem seven and felt horrid bloated and sluggish, any advise would be greatly apreciated,


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  • I have been on Elleste duo for the past 18 months and can honestly say it has been great for me. I have an under active thyroid as well and being permanently tired is the norm. Elleste duo has been a lifesaver and well worth a try. Good luck

  • Thank you so much did you have early menopause too? x

  • Not as early as yours, early 40's. Probably speeded up by my thyroid issues, Graves disease for which treatment left me with no thyroid function at all and I can't exist without medication. You may need to try several types of replacement HRT until you find one that works best for you. I was lucky as my GP and Consultant were very supportive. Wishing you all the best. :-)

  • Has your weight changed from being in elleste duo? X

  • Yes, but also in combination with sorting out the correct dose for my thyroid function.

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