Poor response 😢

We've just got back from our second stimming scam and I've responded really badly to the stims this time after 2 good cycles. Only 1 follicle of decent size. They are scanning again tomorrow and will trigger with the 1, but not feeling optimistic that this is going to lead to success when our other cycles have been much better and led to bfn. This was to be our final cycle but both me and dh feel we have been cheated out of having a good try on out last go and have agreed we will try donor eggs if our 1 follicle doesn't do some miracles for us. Feel very lucky to have a dh who is on the same page and wants to continue on this really difficult journey with me for a little longer. X

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  • Anna I'm so sorry to read this, sending lots of positive vibes your way for your one follie... I hope that everything works out ok. I know it's not ideal and it's not what you were hoping for but you can't control anything from here so try to stay as positive as you can. I'm sure there will be women on here who've had only one egg and a successful pregnancy. Wishing you all the luck in the world x x x

  • Thank you. Had my cry 2 days ago on 1st scan when things weren't looking good and now very much feeling what what will be will be. Just when you think you have learnt to cope with the bumps in the road, a new one comes in to knock you down. Keeping positive as I can. Are you on your cycle too now? Xx

  • Hi Anna sorry for late reply, how are you feeling today? We are still down regging, waiting for AF to show to start stims ☺️ X x x

  • Doing ok. Glad to have one mature egg as was so worried the follicle wouldn't have an egg in and we would already be game over! Keeping fingers crossed the call will come tomorrow to say it's fertilised. Good luck for your cycle. Hope it all goes smoothly for you xx

  • Everything crossed for tomorrow lovely 🤞🏻 Look after yourself X x x

  • Sorry to hear this Anna. Its so disappointing. Donor eggs do give that hope although I know its a lot to get your head around xx

  • We've talked about it lots before as knew my reserve was reduced, so feel ok about it, but feel need to grieve the loss of 'our' child if this cycle goes the way it is looking. You just have to keep picking yourself up again. Hope your adoption journey is going well xx

  • Wishing you all the best with your one follicle. Fingers and toes and everything crossed for you xx

  • Thank you! Egg collection confirmed for monday on scan today so hoping for the best ☺

  • Hi Honey...

    I was a little similar to you on my cycles but a little different to but i def know what a poor response feels like, on my first cycle i had loads of follies but when got to EC i only managed to retrieve two eggs one fertilized and ended with BFN :(. Second cycle different drugs and longer protocol got two eggs again both fertilized had to be frozen due to polyp on womb. I hope all is going well with your one follie sweetie, I wont use DE me and partner have decided not too but if you do i wish you all luck in the world with your future treatment xxxxx

  • It's such hard decisions about how far to go. For us donor eggs feels ok as I would be carrying my dh's baby, but we wouldn't consider adoption. It's about what is right for you as a couple. Have you had your frozen embryos transferred yet? If not, best wishes for when you get yo have them returned to you and hope they do their magic for you Xx

  • Hi Honey...

    No sweetie my precious little embies are in the freezer still, as when my first appointment came through I was bleeding heavily so had to cancel, the second one came round after what seemed forever then they just looked at it with camera confirmed that it would need to be removed and then waited forever to have it removed my appointment is 7th feb! lol This will be the second one i have had removed i had one removed on first cycle as well....All the best for tomorrow fingers crossed for your little egg to be fertilized wishing you all the luck in the world sweetie!!!! xxxx

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