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Just received our first appointment through to discuss our first IVF cycle. I think it's finally starting to hit home that IVF might be our only chance but that it's not guaranteed we will end up with a baby at the end. When we were first told IVF was our best option I just ok that's fine we will do IVF and get our baby. However after joining this the realisation that there are more negative results than positive has made me realise that it's just not that easy but we can only try. Anyway at least we are taking our first steps towards our dream of a family. Good luck to all you ladies out there 😊 x

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  • Hi gillybean, good luck on your process, im in the same position as you at the moment ive had my consultations and my scans and im waiting to get on the way, im like you Im scared think im worried for the worst because I want to be a mum so bad, whats the reason for your fertility, I have got stage 4 endo partners fine xxx

  • Hi abbie103. I have PCOS and my husband has low sperm count so we have double problems. Like you I'm worried for worst and we both would like to be parents so much and hard to imagine if we don't have a baby. Fingers crossed for us, hopefully you will hear soon about starting x x

  • After all these years an no success its hard to accept this is the way I might get my miracle, its lovely to see that people do get their miracles this way even if its pressure on us all...positive thoughts is all im trying to tell myself, its us woman that struggle that deserve our happy ending as we are the strong ones...xxxx

  • Good Luck with your journey....Keep us informed how your getting on xxxx

  • Thanks, you too. Will let you know x

  • Hi gillybean,

    I am at the same stage as you. Was really excited when we got the letter to tell us we were top of the list and then a little sad and worried as it ma not be the outcome you desire. But I often have to give my self a shake and stay positive as I am a big believer in positivity breeds positivity x

    Good luck with your journey x

  • Totally agree Stella79 we have to keep positive good luck to u both xxx

  • Thanks Stella79, good luck to you too 😊 x x

  • Hey I've just finished my first cycle and know how you feel - let me know if you have any questions or worries as it's all not as bad as you imagine :) xx

  • Hi. I'm really close to starting my first cycle too. I know how you feel, I feel the same. Excited to finally get going with ivf, but so nervous it won't work.

    I'm trying to stay positive and I hope you do to. Tricky for me cause I'm a bit pessimistic usually lol.

    Best of luck, hope it goes well for you xx

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