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Lister Fertility Clinic 23 Free IVF Cycles 2012

In 2009 the Lister Fertility Clinic in London offered free fertility treatment to 21 couples to mark its 21st birthday since then they've added an additional cycle to the prize pot. This year sees 23 cycles available to patients who meet the criteria shown below, which is in line with the DoH. Mr Sam Abdalla, Medical Director of the clinic, said that the gesture was part of the clinic's 'duty to make treatment more accessible' and an ongoing commitment to offer a number of free cycles each year as part of the clinic's 'community programme.'

Information for Applicants

Note closing date 30th November 2011

Criteria (defined by I N UK & DoH)

• Onlyone application per couple will be accepted

• UK Citizen

• Under 40 years old (not inclusive)

• Defined cause of infertility/failure to conceive after 2 years

• Neither partner previously sterilised

• Female BMI between19-30

• Both non-smoking partners at the time of treatment

• No more than 2 previous cycles of IVF

• No children from current relationship

• Not currently pregnant

• Not had a previous free cycle of IVF at Lister Fertility Clinic

• Free IVF cycle to commence at the Clinic’s discretion

• Free IVF cycle cannot be carried over to 2013

• Patients must attend The Lister Fertility Clinic in London for the free treatment


•Initial consultation and follow-up

•Semen test

•Ultrasound scan

•Female baseline hormones (prior to treatment unless GP can do these)

•Virology screening


•Female baseline hormones (Day 3)


•Blood tests during treatment

•Egg/embryo/sperm freezing and storage


•Full IVF/ICSI/IMSI/blastocyst

•1st pregnancy test & 1 scan


•HFEA licence

Not included:

•Egg Donation cycle

•Ovulation Induction

•Monitored cycle

•Sperm retrieval

•Frozen embryo transfer

•Import / export of eggs or embryos

•No 2nd attempt following failed/abandoned cycle

•Treatment of abnormalities found prior to IVF treatment


•NK Cell/APA or any investigation for recurrent miscarriage

•PGD/CGH/genetic screening

•Sickle cell anaemia/thalassaemia bloods/ blood group


•Donor sperm

•Ultrasound monitoring at satellite clinic

•3D scanning

•Any treatment following 1st year including follow-up consultations

Patients applying for the free cycles should send their name, address, contact telephone, email, brief medical history in a sealed envelope marked ‘The Lister’ by 30th November 2011 to Infertility Network UK at the address below.

The Lister will call to notify selected applicants whether they have been successful by the end of the December 2011. Unfortunately, they are unable to contact unsuccessful applicants due to the volume of responses.

Infertility Network UK

Charter House

43 St Leonards Road

Bexhill on Sea

East Sussex TN40 1JA

Email applications are not accepted.

Visit the Lister Fertility website at:


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