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Fertility clinic keeps moving the goalposts! - need advice

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We joined our current fertility clinic in 2018. I egg shared with them and got pregnant early 2019, miscarried July, and then went through NHS. Returning to the original clinic as I really thought they were great, and I wanted to do egg sharing again, they then said my AMH had halved in a year and I am no longer eligible for egg sharing. I asked if I could repeat the AMH test as that seemed incredibly unusual (and they agreed it was super strange), but they said repeating the test would be pointless. So I looked to do self-funded.

This resulted signing up to a 2 year unlimited deal with Access Fertility. After signing up in November, the clinic said I have a potential polyp that needs to be removed. This wasn't a service the clinic provided so I went and found another clinic and had a hysteroscopy. No polyp was found. Mildly annoying, but I know they need to be thorough about these things. Ready to get on with our next round of IVF!

Clinic confirmed that we can start IVF and don't need another doctor's appointment as we came in October to get the treatment plan done etc. Clinic has since decided we need a nurse appointment, though, which I was concerned is going to put us back another cycle (as my period is due before then), and it's extra money and an hour and a half drive away. Annoying, but oh well.

Now, though, I have rung the clinic to see if we can get drugs sent out before this so I can start this coming cycle, but they apparently have a new system where they have one egg collection day a month (I think because of staffing issues) and they are booked up for February, so my egg collection won't be until March. They put everyone on the pill to line up their cycles for this one egg collection day, which doesn't seem great. In the meantime, that is absolutely months of no progress under Access Fertility deal, and seems a really long time to wait. Am I being unreasonable?!?!

Sorry for the long post! xxx

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Wow what a palaver.

I don't know anything about Access Fertility but I think thats sounds highly unusual to line everyones egg collection up for one day a month, surely thats not an optimal way of doing things? I am no medical expert but no I don't think you are being unreasonable at all. There is so much stress and high emotion involved in IVF without all the hurdles you have had to face and now making you wait and lining you up to other people just because they can't get the right number of staff in one place at one time sounds highly out of order and rather odd to me.

I don't know how to fix it though - sorry x

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ttcemmie in reply to Daisy1245

Thanks Daisy. I've emailed the clinic to see if I can go to one of their other locations, but we'll see. Grrrrrrrr. Hurdles keep arising that I didn't even know were hurdles! Fertility clinics must think everyone has unlimited money and unlimited time (which really is not the case with fertility!). Just ranting, I guess!

Urrrghhh what a nightmare you're having! I know the NHS and such likes sometimes down regulate patients to ensure they can plan dates well for egg collection etc but Ive never heard of places that only do egg collection once a month! I have used the pill to plan cycles abroad but that's a whole other ball game. I guess if it is down to staff shortages for a period of time and they are trying to recruit then its difficult for the clinic to cope however I think I would be having words and showing my concern at the fact you are on a tight shedule as you are in the 2 years unlimited timescale. Also why are they taking on more patients when things are so short of staff?! I dont think you are being unreasonable and you may well have to wait but I would certainly hope that if its them that cant fit you in then they cant hold that against you. So frustrating.....I'd be pee'd off too!!xx

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ttcemmie in reply to Cinderella5

I'm going to wait to hear back from them (they've got until the end of tomorrow!), and then I might threaten to withdraw from Access Fertility at their clinic (which it looks like you can do) if they don't sort this out! I'm finding this completely unacceptable! I used the pill to match up when I was egg sharing, which made sense, but just because they're having staffing shortages, doesn't make sense. Also to make we wait when I'm ready to go ahead now.... Not pleased.

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Cinderella5 in reply to ttcemmie

I would be exactly the same and to be honest I'd be saying that to them too!! I think its unacceptable that they are making you wait too!! Good luck.xx

I’m so sorry to read this, I can’t even imagine how frustrated you are! Especially when you get emotionally prepared then to be told there’s only one egg collection a month and it’s full 😡. No wonder you feel let down. It sounds like you are doing the right thing contacting your clinic though and hopefully they come back with a suitable solution.

In regard to Access Fertility does it start from when you paid or when treatment starts? Because you haven’t had any yet so would seem unfair for the countdown to start until something begins. I also read your other post on Access Fertility, I don’t know for sure but I was always under the impression that they wouldn’t be having anything to do with frozen embryos from before starting with them so I don’t think they would expect you to transfer them before starting their treatment, it’s only ones you freeze under their cycle that you have to transfer before another egg collection.....phew I think I said that right! I could be wrong though it’s just always how I understood it.

I do hope you manage to get this all sorted ♥️ Sending positive vibes your way x

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ttcemmie in reply to MrsH86

Thanks, Mrs H. I'm hoping Access Fertility doesn't want my previously frozen egg, but I'll wait and see the response from my clinic before contacting Access. Unfortunately, Access Fertility treatment starts from when you pay! Which is not the best, but it is what it is. I wouldn't have signed up unless I thought we were ready to go ahead with IVF, but it was after this that the clinic decided I needed a hysteroscopy. I did this as quick as I could! Emmie. xxx

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MrsH86 in reply to ttcemmie

Oh no ☹️ I now realise of course it’s from when you pay because they factor in age and recent tests, that’s rubbish I had been hoping it was just from when you start since you’ve had so much delay. We have a multi cycle deal which just began when we did (thankfully as we waited 5 months from paying) so I assumed they would all be the same. Boo.

You’ve put so much effort into getting things sorted and ready, I really hope the clinic see that and sort themselves out x

I really wouldn’t be happy about the 1 day a month egg collection😣

Surely that means if you’re almost (but not quite there) they’ll go ahead with that date anyway and potentially write off any extra eggs you might have had?? A couple of days can make a huge difference in this game so I think you’ve every right to be annoyed xx

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ttcemmie in reply to Solly-44

That's a good point - I hadn't even thought of that

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Wow I don’t think you are being unreasonable at all!! This sounds ridiculous! How can they offer personalised care when they plan your egg collection date months in advance?! What if there is a blip in your cycle and it gets delayed? What if your follicles need a couple more days growth? I’m not even sure how they function and have a business with only one egg collection a month. I would definitely be voicing my concerns with access because if they offer a time limited package at what I expect is a very high price I would expect a good service. With regard to your previously frozen embryo if it was from a non access funded cycle I would expect that you wouldn’t have to use that one and it can stay in storage. I’m with access too on a 3 cycle package and we’re 18m in just on our second fresh cycle. We always have to have a nurse appt every cycle to sign consents. Even with online consenting you still need to go and sign the forms in person it’s a real pain! X

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ttcemmie in reply to Hidden

That's helpful, thanks. If my clinic doesn't come back with a satisfactory response, Access Fertility will have to be my next port-of-call, you're right. It's a shame because they were such a good clinic and I really loved them my first time around (when they didn't have a staff shortage) and I did a lot of research before choosing them originally! Good to know the nurse appointments are normal and also that my frozen embie should be safe.

Wow this sounds super frustrating I certainly don’t think you are being unreasonable, far from it!! I thought that Access Fertility pride them selves on only working with well regarded clinics. Largely because they rely on lots of successes to make money off their deals! So I definitely think you should speak to them. I bet they’d be surprised to hear about the limited service your clinic is currently providing. Because presumably like others have said, having one day a month for egg collection is not going to contribute to efficiency in terms of results because one size fits all just doesn’t work in this process. Could you maybe transfer your treatment (and Access package) to another clinic? I hope you manage to get something sorted and can get going very soon! Lots of luck xxx

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ttcemmie in reply to Picalilli99

I think talking to Access Fertility is a good idea, thanks. This clinic is really well regarded and we have had no problem with them previously. It's just they've had a doctor leave and another one is off sick for a while. You wouldn't think that would cause a meltdown of the whole clinic, though!

Wow! This sounds awful hunny. Our first clinic was much like this with timing everything around how it worked best for them instead of us, lots of setbacks. When we were finally ready to start they told me sorry would have to wait as couldnt do egg collection that month as the lab was being cleaned! They knew we were due to start then aswel, just awful. I swiftly found another clinic and we are now in our second week of natural modified ivf which is much better. Id look around to change clinics if you can as soon as possible. Its just more added stress when they treat you like that x

Thanks, lovely. My experience of being messed around sounds like it is shaping up to look like yours. Glad you solved it. Cleaning the lab etc... these are not good reasons to delay treatment. Clean the lab when you don't have customers?! Can't imagine a business that would close at a time when they have customers. Like shutting down a restaurant in the evening for cleaning or retail shops in the middle of a Saturday!

I have called Access Fertility about a resolution. To see if we can move clinics etc. I'd need to find another clinic, though! So, research to do this weekend. It's just a shame because I did like this clinic and we got pregnant through them (even though we lost it), so kind of had confidence in them that we would get pregnant again with them.

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KiboXX in reply to ttcemmie

Hi Ttcemmie,

We had a clinic that was also had a pregnancy through on our first round which unfortunately didn’t work out and after that we did two more rounds with them and their level or service and care just got worse and worse. Like you, they suddenly only did egg collections on certain dates so they would put me on these super long protocols and I had two terrible rounds. I got passed around doctors and we just felt completely frustrated.

Same as purple witch, we decided to move clinics and it was the best decision we ever made. I wish I had done it earlier and saved myself time and money! I would definitely see if access fertility will allow you to move somewhere else considering how much this clinic have messed you around.

Whereabouts are you based?

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ttcemmie in reply to KiboXX

I'm in Berkshire. We went to Thames Valley Fertility in Maidenhead for NHS, and I had no problem with them (just didn't get pregnant). It's the emotional tie to this other clinic, which is silly really. Plus it's an hour and a half's drive away, so it's not exactly convenient!

I know its ridiculous isnt it! And inexcusable, especially when youve geared yourself up for it. We have just come from our 3rd scan and looks like ill have egg collection next tuesday! We only started last friday, cant believe how quick its all going. I know access use most clinics in the uk so as youve not even started yet i cant see why it cant be put on hold and transferred. Im sure its happened to other people too so i hope its ok for you to move. I found them really helpful when i spoke to them, i was gutted they dont fund the more natural cycles because it meant we couldnt use them.

Glad your cycle is going well! Hopefully I can move clinics. :) Feeling more positive.

Keep your chin up, just think its happened for a reason so that you go to the right place that will give you the best care x

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