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Lister Fertility Clinic

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I don't want to break any rules on here, but please would anyone be able to private message me with any info they have on the Lister Fertility Clinic as I’m considering using them? We have just failed our third round of ICSI and I think we are ready to look at going to another clinic. I have endometriosis and Fibroids, and have had several surgeries to prepare me for IVF. We’re devastated that we’ve experienced failure for a third time and I’m currently researching other clinics. We live in the West Midlands but would be happy to travel further.


16 Replies
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The Lister is great, once treatment starts there are friendly phlebotomists nurses doctors and embryologist. Initially you can feel like just a number, but hang in there. It's thanks to this clinic we are 21 weeks pregnant after 3 failed rounds too. They offer lots of tests and solutions and refer you if male factor issues. My advice is if you all the tests. We felt that there's a reason why it hasnt worked and wanted answers before round 4. We were under Dr Raef Faris, strange but a good Dr. Dr Wren is highly recommended too. Dr Tan was brilliant with Embryo Transfer. PM if you want any more info...Good luck xx

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PinkLaura in reply to Hartley1

Thanks so much for your reply. It’s made me feel more positive. My current clinic didn’t provide the support I needed and so I feel like I need more hand holding for our next one and potentially a lot of tests. Congratulations on your pregnancy too :-) x x

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Hartley1 in reply to PinkLaura

Thank you...xx there were times when we were disappointed...the Dr doesn't always rmbr end up waiting ages...but what matters is options...once treatment began I thought it was better...Good luck xxx

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PinkLaura in reply to Hartley1

Thanks Hartley :-)

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Ivfgotadream in reply to PinkLaura

Have you tried Create?

We were also going to try Coventry University for future cycles as that has above national average success rates

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PinkLaura in reply to Ivfgotadream

Hi, I haven’t looked at Create or Coventry Uni but will definitely have a look. Thanks!

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We have also had 4 failed transfers and considering this clinic for next round, so thanks for this post! X

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PinkLaura in reply to Ropa19

No problem. I’m so sorry about your failed cycles x

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Hi 👋 I’m with the Lister (and previously Create). I’ll PM you.

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I chose Lister over Create (no specific reason - just went with my gut) & was extremely lucky to fall pregnant on my first round.

It feels a bit ‘clinical’ but professional and I felt well looked after

Good luck!

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PinkLaura in reply to G_H_C

Thanks G_H_C :-) and congratulations on your pregnancy!x

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Since Covid 19, the Listers services have improved As it was previously Like a conveyor belt, never seen on time etc . We are on our second cycle with them - had various issues during the first round - which I won’t put on here but feel free to PM me if you want to know.

We have changed Dr for our second round - had egg collection and waiting for a fresh transfer tomorrow followed by PGT-A testing on anything left

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I have done 2 cycles at Lister. Saw Dr. Nicopoullos who is friendly and easy to talk to. Didn't find him that pro-active eg. I had to ask about CoQ10/DHEA. They do answer questions you might have after the consultation by email which is really good as long as they not in depth questions. On some was a bit vague and didn't give an explanation for reasoning.

Nursers/sonographer most of them lovely. Usually seen fairly promptly think max waiting time around 20min. I did 2 cycles at Guys and had an hr wait at least every time. Nurses answer queries over phone or email promptly.

I had Dr. Shabana Bora for my embryo transfer. She was very abrupt and impatient at going through my options of which and how to transfer. This was a really big deal for me and she made me feel I was just being stupid. I felt pressured into making a snap decision and I left the clinic feeling really upset. She and the embryologist also started talking about me before I had even left the room.

My previous embryo transfer was with Dr. Faris and he was really nice but in that situation there was no decision to make. I had just one good to average embryo.

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PinkLaura in reply to josephnsn

Hi josephnsn, thanks so much for your response. This is really helpful. I’m really sorry to hear about your experience at your embryo transfer. I feel like I’ll need a lot of support/hand holding during my next cycle so this is good to know x

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Hey PinkLaura,

We are at the Lister, first time ivf for male factor starting next cycle. Have been very impressed so far no delays in starting, prompt at appointments and my consultant (Dr Taylor) is lovely.

If you have any questions please ask away.

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PinkLaura in reply to Naddy1

Thanks Naddy, I hope it’s going well x

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