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Cyclogest after fresh transfer - how much / how long for?

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Hey everyone, I’m currently 7wks pregnant (much to my surprise, after a rocky start) from a fresh IVF cycle. My clinic in Denmark advise to stop cyclogest after a positive pregnancy test and let the body take over, but I was uncomfortable with that so I’ve continued with 400mg three times a day (vaginally in the morning and afternoon, rectally in the evening, as that’s what they advised from the outset). I’m thinking of reducing it down to twice a day as a sort of in between option, as my progesterone levels were rising with the hcg last week, so I assume there’s some early placental activity happening.

Wondering what cyclogest regimes others are on after a fresh cycle - is the standard dose 400mg twice a day, up till week 12 or thereabouts?

Tx 🤗

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Hi. Congratulations. I'm also 7+ weeks pregnant. I use twice a day, rectally. 800mg a day in total. Will do it till 12 weeks.

This is my current protocol. I used the same in 2017 (successfully) :)

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Tx! This is for frozen yup? It’s the fresh that confused me because apparently the dysfunctional corpus lutea are still working, unlike with a frozen… but so often the distinction isn’t really clear 🤷🏻‍♀️

I'm on 3x ultrogestan 200mg a day, 1 x 25ml lubion and 2x Progynova, until 12 weeks, then I've been told to taper it for 1 week then stop. I've been taking 75mg aspirin as my consultant said it wouldn't hurt. My progesterone rose very quickly with HCG and I read that the placenta should have taken over by 10weeks, but I guess they don't want to take chances. I asked my consultant if you could have too much progesterone and he said no.

Thankyou! Can I double check this was with a fresh transfer?

Sorry, no this was for FET. For my two fresh it was the same in terms of keep taking oestrogen and progesterone, except I was on cylogest and no lubion. Those ended not too long after OTD so I didn't get much further but the clinic had already said to keep up meds to 12 weeks.

Tx that’s rly helpful 🙏🏻- can I check how much cyclogest you were on for your fresh, and if it was vaginal or rectal? How many weeks are you now? Side note - CONGRATULATIONS! 🥳

Thank you and same to you :) 9 wks 5days, taking every day at a time as am a nervous wreck, albeit a happy one. For the two fresh transfers I had 2 x 400mg rectally. My progesterone was >190 so it was getting into my blood but because of my history and other symptoms, the consultant agreed to switch me to Ultrogestan vaginally for the FET (apparently it can be absorbed to the uterus better in some women) plus lubion - they think I have oestrogen dominance/progesterone resistance, but I don't think that's very common, normally it's more about low progesterone at all and I think for most women they say cyclogest and Ultrogestan have the same effect.

At my clinic the standard dose was 400 twice a day and I was told 'thats far more than your body really needs'. Congrats on your pregnancy x

Tx Daisy 🙏🏻 - is this for fresh or frozen?

This was for fresh, and we were recommended rectally if thats any help too x

Tx 🙏🏻 I’m still a bit worried I’m overdosing but think three times a day is prob a reasonable dose for me. My clinic recommended twice a day vaginally and rectal at night, but I have no idea why. Do you know why they recommended rectal?

I have only had one cycle - it was also a fresh transfer, so I am not sure why some people are on more progesterone than others - might be reasons for this. We are unexplained infertility. I was on 800mg Cyclogest pessaries (corrected dose as I remembered we took two pessaries) at night only. And we were told with fresh transfers you do not need to take it as long as you do with a frozen transfer. We were therefore instructed to stop them at our viability scan, which was 7weeks +1 day. I took them till 8 weeks and then just stopped. I did not have any bleeding in early pregnancy and all was well.

Congratulations on your pregnancy 🥰 Wishing you all the best and hope it will be a happy and healthy pregnancy for you! Xx

Tx that’s rly good to know - can I check was it rectal or vaginal? I think I’m going to go down now for a week or so then stop them too.. a bit nervous but also nervous about going rogue!

Yes, I was the same. Petrified it was the pessaries “keeping it all safe”. But after a discussion with my partner, we decided to complete 8 weeks - but then to trust the professionals - as they do this all the time 😇 and went with what we were advised to do from our clinic.

I was told to do them vaginally, so we did. But seen on here others for them rectally as well, so I suspect you can do both. But we again followed what we were told as they said it specifically and as it was only at night, it was no issue as I was going to bed anyway. Xx

I feel ridiculous but I am quite stressed that I’ve been on a higher dose of cyclogest 400mg (three times a day instead of twice a day) this whole time for no clear reason 😣. I really hate not understanding this and because I’ve deviated from the clinic’s advice (to stop after positive pregnancy test) I’m worried I’ve done something wrong.

I don’t really trust that my clinic have been rigorous in their decision-making process because I feel like no fertility clinic has been - albeit my experience is limited to 3.

My tired brain is totally obsessed with this for some reason so thought I’d just put it out there..

Hi lovely, with a fresh transfer (as you say) the corpus luteum is creating progesterone, so in theory you shouldn't need much extra. For a frozen transfer when your body isn't creating it we often need more (some people absorb it better than others which is why some are on higher doses). For my last transfer I was on 3 x cyclogest a day plus 2 x lubion injections a day - so a huge dose. I tapered off from week 12 (2 a day), week 13 (1 a day) stopping at week 14. Ultimately I don't think that more progesterone is harmful, although it may make you extra tired. My clinic would always rather there was more than less as its so important.

Now that I'm 14 weeks they are happy that the placenta has taken over so I've stopped it. xx

Congratulations on your pregnancy!! 🥳 Tx for sharing your experience - can I check it was a frozen transfer?

With this fresh one, my progesterone suddenly fell off a cliff and went very low (from about 120 to 25 nmol/L in only 2 or 3 days) so I’ve had this theory that my corpus lutea malfunctioned somehow, as they no longer seem to be identifiable on ultrasound. If this were the case then I assume something more like a frozen protocol might make sense for me, in which case I’m relieved to hear you were also on 3x cyclogest (plus the lubion). Thankyou!

Interestingly, on my previous FET I had my progesterone checked with my hcg on OTD (BFN 👎🏻) and it was only 24nmol/L ie very low. I wonder if I’m one of the ones that doesn’t absorb it great…

At this point my tired malfunctioning brain seems to be a bigger problem than my corpus lutea! 🤯

Thank you! Yes it was a frozen transfer. I had my progesterone checked on transfer day and it was low (23) hence them jacking up the dosage (and adding another injection - thanks) It was also checked on OTD and it was 300 so the upping of the dosage obviously helped.

I've always had progesterone issues, which is why they always start me on a high dose (I've had 6 transfers BTW which is why I know so much!)

It's very possible that you may be similar in your lack of absorption - in which case I think you are doing the right thing. If you're not getting answers from your clinic I think it's sensible to take matters in your own hands!

Congratulations on your pregnancy by the way :) xxx

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