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Fresh or frozen transfer?

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I am about the start ivf on a 3 cycle package and I have been given the choice of freezing the first two cycles and then having a fresh transfer (if the embryo is better quality that the others) or having a fresh cycle one after the other. I wondered if anyone has been through this and can give me any advice as I’m really not sure what would be the best option. Thank you.

12 Replies
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I am not sure there is a best option until you have started and see what your results are from round one. Do you have the option to wait to decide or do you have to say now?

I seem to know a lot of people who have had a successful bfp after a frozen transfer and I think maybe that’s because your body is in better shape to host your embryo than when it’s battered and bruised after a fresh round, but having said that I know lots of people who have got their bfp from a fresh round

When we embark on ivf we assume that we will get loads of embryos - I guess I am a bad news scenario but I have never had enough to freeze so I have always had to do fresh - I am sure it’s not the same case with you but I would advise follow the advice of your nurses and consultants and make those decisions as your rounds progress rather than all up front. The one thing you will learn with ivf is whatever you have planned won’t happen!

Masses of luck, exciting times for you! xx

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Melspels in reply to Daisy1245

We can decide after egg collect which is good. I’m not expecting many eggs, 1 or 2 as it’s mild ivf and I have a low ovarian reserve. It’s a difficult one and you’re right, I should just see what happens and follow their advice. Thanks for the luck xx

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Hello, I haven’t been in your exact situation but I have been given the advice previously by my acupuncturist (who has been through IVF herself and specialises in fertility) that there is a slight advantage to using frozen embryos. I think the logic is that if they can’t survive the freeze/thaw that it is an indicator that they may not last the first trimester. I would agree with Daisy’s advice too. All the very best with it - stay the course and you will get through this! xxx

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Melspels in reply to FluffyPink

That’s interesting re frozen embryo, I guess it makes sense. Thank you xx

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hey, I had both and got a bfp from both, had an early loss from the fresh transfer but currently looking at our little frostie who is 9 days old. I found our fresh transfer intense but maybe as this was our first shot, the frozen transfer was a lot more relaxed and less scans. My clinic were conducting trials on frozen transfer success compared to fresh... something to look into perhaps? xxx

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Melspels in reply to HollyT7

Thanks for message, will definitely look into it.

Congrats on your baby, wonderful news xx

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I had my first cycle in 2016, intending to have a fresh transfer but couldn’t due to OHSS so embryos were frozen. I had a frozen cycle 3 months later which resulted in the birth of my son 🙂 I had my second cycle in 2018 and my consultant told me a frozen cycle is now as likely to be successful as a fresh cycle. That cycle went ahead with fresh transfer and I was lucky again and got my second son. The only reservation I’d have with freezing is that the embryo can be damaged in the thawing process and so transfer can be abandoned at the last minute.

You might want to wait and see what happens with your first egg collection - if you manage to get a few good quality embryos it means you could have a fresh transfer and have some to freeze. It’s all so individual it’s best to go with the advice of your consultant who knows your history the best. Good luck 🍀

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DC5867 in reply to DC5867

Also, a cycle is usually a fresh plus frozen cycle, not either/or so you might want to double check what is being suggested. If you go through the process as far as egg collection it would seem silly not to go ahead with the fresh transfer unless there’s a medical reason not to. You would be 90% through the process anyway and a frozen cycle involves weeks of drugs ahead of transfer in much the same way. I think you need to ask your consultant and if frozen is being recommended then they will be able to explain why. If you are paying for 3 cycles I would expect that to be three rounds of egg collection, not 3 transfers.

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Melspels in reply to DC5867

The clinic are definitely offering 3 transfers as part of their package either as we go along or 3 transfers at the end. If it works first time (unlikely I know) then I will have missed a chance to freeze. I have stage 4 endo and my reserve is very low so want to freeze as many eggs as possible. Just thinking about the chances of success with a fresh cycle vs frozen. From what you’ve all said and what I’ve read it seems like the chances are similar so I may be better off freezing the first two cycles.

Congrats on your both sons, you’ve been blessed twice xx

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DC5867 in reply to Melspels

Yes I was very lucky. But just goes to show it can happen first time. I also had endo which is how I ended up with ivf too. You’re maybe just best off waiting to see what happens through your first cycle. If you manage to get two or more good quality embryos, you could transfer one and freeze one. Remember it only takes one! Plus if it works first time you’ll have your baby, although I understand you’d want to freeze for a future cycle. There’s no right answers with this game unfortunately, you just have to make your decisions as your go, depending on what happens and how you feel at the time. Wishing you the very best of luck xx

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i had a fresh transfer that didn't work, and then a bfp after a frozen transfer. I felt like allowing my body to heal after egg collection and all the horrid stimming drugs really helped my chances. You might be feeling well during the fresh transfer, so i think it all depends on how you feel. I did however, do quite a bit of research and saw that chances of success were slightly higher with a frozen transfer. Best of luck to you x

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Hi, thanks for your message. That makes our decision to freeze much easier x

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