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Hi all,

Are there any other supplements that you would recommend taking either before or during ICSI?

I currently take Folic and Vit D, and that was through my own investigations. Anything else anyone would recommend?

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Hi there, are you asking just for yourself or partner too?

I'm taking a prenatal vitamin (prega plan by cytoplan) that has folate, lots of b vitamins, selenium, zinc magnesium etc. I also take vit d, I also take co q10 in ubiquinol form (300mg per day) and also inositol-zita west supplement. Meant to help egg quality. Wishing you lots of luck xx

After reading the book "it starts with the egg", I'm on ubiquinol coQ10. The book also recommends DHEA, but I have seen some controversial views on that so check with your doctor on that one. All the best!

Nicoma22 in reply to LisaHarada

Amazing book! A must read for anyone TTC

Samosa17 in reply to LisaHarada

Where did you get DHEA, I have looked everywhere I can’t seem to find it. And I don’t know the right one to buy either.

LisaHarada in reply to Samosa17

I am currently not in DHEA and similarly have tried to look for one without any success :(

It can depend a bit on age and egg quality. I took a lot but am older and AMH was 8. You could add in some omega 3, unbiquinol and a complex b that includes folic. I also took vit e during cycle on advice and also DHEA and melatonin but that was age related xx

Hi TTC. I’ve been taking a whole load of supplements recommended by my consultant for a couple of months.... just found out we’ve got pregnant naturally (not sure if it’s the supplements or not but can’t think what else it could be!)

Happy to PM you the list if you’d like xx

TTC0185 in reply to JoP32

Yes please, I’d really appreciate that. X

Tulips1978 in reply to JoP32

Hi JoP32

Would you mind sending these to me as well please. I have been given a lost of supplements to take by my nutritionist and just want to make sure I am taking the correct ones although I know everybody is different. Thanks very much 😃

Mimisami in reply to Tulips1978

Hi jo - can i have it too xx

Bambii in reply to JoP32

Hi JoP32. Do you mind sending the list please? Thank you

Some research shows that taking Ubiquinol helps improve your egg quality. Ubiquinol is also good for people with low AMH, some people has reported increased of AMH after taking it for 4 months. But Ubiquinol can be a little expensive but I foud a UK website livewellnutritionuk com their Ubiquinol is the best price in the country. I was told the best Ubiquinol is the Kaneka, so always look for the Kanaka logo on the container. You can do a littel research online.

Baby dust to everyone

I would definitely recommend you get the book it starts with the egg or going to the website for a comprehensive list but for less specific or controversial supplements I would add in vitamin e, c and omega 3 for both you and partner. Also, switch from synthetic folic acid to natural folate found in something like naturelo which you can get on Amazon. Good luck 🙂🙏🏽

TTC0185 in reply to Fifikoko

Hey, sorry stupid question - how do you tell the difference between synthetic or natural folic? x

Fifikoko in reply to TTC0185


My understanding is that Folic acid is the synthetic form of folate. So you’re best off getting a brand of prenatal supplement that states it contains folate.

Folic acid from boots, Tesco (own brands) or within pregnacare are all the synthetic version of folate.

As I said that is my understanding but you can double check with pharmacists, a medical professional or somewhere like Holland & Barrett and they should be able to explain / confirm the difference.

Apart from folic acid and vitamin D taking fish oil rich in omega 3.

Good luck!

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