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Which Vitamins and supplements do you recommend during IVF?



I am have been injecting suprecur (buserelin) for the last 2 weeks and taking pregnacare pre- conception but I will run of pregnacare in a week or two. I start my Gonal -F today, expected Egg collection on 24th Jan, anyone recommend anything different? Or pregnacare plus omega3?


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Hiya, I had an appointment with a gynaecologist yesterday- she really knows her stuff. I’m also using pregnacare which she said is fine but also mentioned I could try Impryl.

It’s quite pricey but she wouldn’t recommend if she didn’t think it was worthwhile.

Good luck! Xxx

Nix321 in reply to CLDxxx

Thank you! I will have a look at impryl! Good luck to you too! X

CLDxxx in reply to Nix321

Thank you ☺️xx

CLDxxx in reply to Nix321

Hey sorry I forgot I have a discount code if you need-

Go to fertilityfamily.co.uk and use code SHCC63 for 5% off first order xx


Hi Nic. I find just a good quality pre-conception pill does just nicely, as they have he correct amount of Folic Acid and Vitamin D in. Good luck with your cycle. Diane

Hi My doctor has recommended that I take 600 Mg of CoQ10

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