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another failed cycle - vitamins or supplements?

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after a very straightforward FET where everything went to plan - lovely lining, 2 high grade embryos etc. i find myself soul searching again.

where did it all go wrong and what i can do now to help myself? i know we are all searching for that miracle!

we have unexplained infertility so apparently no physical reason why i haven't conceived - i've tried acupuncture, hypnosis, chinese medicine, yoga, counseling - you name it!

now i'm considering melatonin to help with sleep & have also read here about DHEA.

i've been taking pregnacare conception & cod liver oil for years.

can anyone comment or recommend?

so bloody over all this - what i really want is for someone to switch the baby lever to "off" in my brain πŸ™„

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I am using DE so slightly different but my first try failed with a grade 5AA hatching blasts, the FET that followed with two more blasts,i was prescribed Lubion injections and I believe these are what helped me get and keep our BFP. Maybe worth discussing with your consultant xxx

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thanks button - i had lubion this cycle & x3 daily progesterone suppositories.

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Oh I see, might just have been a case of bad luck - I know that doesn't really help xxx

All I can say is read "it starts with a egg" best thing I did. Good luck xx

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thank you 🌷

I have been taking dhea and Coq10 and made changes regarding paraben free products and seemed to have better quality eggs 2nd time round still bfn so as you can see from my latest post I am kind of giving up searching for an amswer as think all down to luck. So am going with 3rd time lucky mantra. Look at my earlier posts about dhea if you want xx

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cool - will take a look at your posts πŸ‘πŸ»

was just reading about cq10, it's a bloody minefield!

hope you're staying nice & chilled ✨✨✨

Ah I wish there was a lever we could switch but always remember it was nothing you did wrong! I can't give much advice regarding supplements as I to take pregnacare but in preparation for my next cycle I have also started taking cq10 and having the pomegranate/spinach/avocado and blueberries smoothie every day to see if that helps xx

It's so frustrating and heartbreaking. I'm in the same position, have you had your blood tested ? My results revealed some interesting things that could be impacting implantation. Xxx

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really? tell me more!

i assume i've just had the standard blood tests. if we have a third round it'll be private, so could make some enquires - thanks.

Hannah143 in reply to -noodles-

Hey Noodles

I have now had 6 failed IVF, 5 with my own eggs and 1 with de. As my last round of de should have worked it prompted them to test for a few things.

One test revealed I have Prothrombin Factor 2, which is where my blood is a bit thicker and his can impact implantation, so I now take aspirin every day and then during IVF I will take Clexane which is a blood thinner.

The other is MHTFR, which shows my body doesn't absorb Folic Acid or B vitamins well, so they have put me on a super dose of Folic Acid and B Vits, deficiencies in these have an impact on implantation.

Who knows if these things are going to make a difference but they are new things that I now know compared to my previous attempts. I've been taking Aspirin, super strength Folic Acid and VitB6 now for 4 months and I'm praying that we have a successful 7th round! I'm booked in for my FET 28th July. Xx

Hi Noodles,

Have your doctors mentioned testing for natural killer cells? This seemed to be my main problem and after steroids pre FET, a couple of intralipids and thousands of pessaries later it seems to have done the job.

Wishing you lots of luck


-noodles- in reply to Kateteee

no mention of that yet - my follow up appt won't be for a couple of months so will ask then. thanks for replying 😘

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