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What to do next round - lining issues

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I wondered if anyone here has done a fresh cycle but their lining wasn’t thick enough for a transfer ? Did you freeze any embryos and then continue any hormonal treatment to thicken the lining? Or did you then have to end that cycle and then start a new FET cycle?

I’m asking as thinking of doing another fresh cycle (low amh so I’ve been freezing and banking embryos for a while now) but my lining is often thin especially on chlomid. I need a hysteroscopy this round so don’t want to waste that if the lining isn’t thick enough

Anyone been through similar ?

Thanks xx

6 Replies

thank you! Only about 7 weeks to wait!! 😩 And i thought the 2ww was bad! Hope yours is going ok, and best of luck for otd xx


I found taking baby aspirin daily, and this cycle I had daily clexane (blood thinning injections) really made a difference with my lining. I had maybe 2 or 3 cycles cancelled when I wasn't on either of these and the lining didn't thicken enough. Wishing you all the best x


Red raspberry leaf tea is good for thickening lining x


Hi rivershark. Some women find that acupuncture has a role to play in building up womb lining and ensuring a god blood flow. Might be worth looking into? Diane


Hi rivershark, sorry you are having trouble with your lining. I've heard if you've been on clomid for a while it can thin lining.

I did a fresh cycle last May but never did an embryo transfer due to thin lining. With me they cancelled the cycle and froze all the suitable embryos. I have since tried 2 frozen transfers. one they just gave me progynova then the second progynova, estraderm and Viagra pessaries. Neither worked for me, but don't let that discourage you I think it works for lots of women.

There is a long list of things that are suggested to help thin lining, if you search this site you'll find them and see what worked for others.

Best of luck!


Thank you all great suggestions worth exploring.

I guess it looks like if I do a fresh cycle and the lining is not thick enough the transfer would be cancelled ? My clinic say a FET means there’s more time to take to get the lining right so it’s a difficult decision which to go with ...


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