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Freeze-all/lining issues!

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Hi all, I am having my first round of ivf (short protocol) and had EC today- they got 14 eggs but then we had the difficult news that we will have a freeze-all cycle if they progress to embryos. This is due to my lining being too thin (under 6mm today). We have to wait for an appointment with our consultant in 4-6 weeks to discuss next steps. Has anyone had anything similar? What should I expect to happen during a FET and what can they try to thicken the lining? Thanks in advance!

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I had a natural frozen transfer cancelled earlier this year because my lining didn’t get thick enough. This time round they gave me Progynova and again it didn’t thicken up enough so they upped the dose. Had my transfer on 3rd and got my BFP this morning 🙂

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That’s great to hear, congratulations to you! I’m glad there’s other options out there to thicken, I just wish we didn’t have to wait for the consultant appointment to begin taking anything different!

Congratulations x

Hi Abbey, so sorry you’ve been having lining issues too. It’s so frustrating isn’t it. I can’t remember if this was the case on the fresh cycle, but they can leave you (I think up to three or four weeks) after the first lining scan to keep the lining growing. On our second frozen cycle we had a lot of lining problems, then on the last cycle they started me on the higher oestrogen dose from the start and that seemed to do the trick. This time, I was really hopeful at the first scan, but liking was again so thin. I mentioned in my reply to your kind post all the things I changed - maybe some of them helped?! I would definitely recommend acupuncture if you haven’t started already, I think it’s given my circulation a good boost (I also did it on my third cycle which we got to 8.4mm on, which is the best we ever did).x

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Thanks for your reply EmJen, I’ve now had the consultant appointment and nurse consultant so waiting to begin FET cycle in around 2.5 weeks. I now know they are starting me on 6mg oestrogen and will up it to 8, as well as adding in patches. They did mention possibly doing this for up to weeks if necessary. I had a positive experience previously with acupuncture, when I had irregular cycles, so I have begun doing this again, and my acupuncturist has given me some good nutrition/diet advice too! Really hoping it reaches the magic number 8 or above! Xx

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EmJen in reply to AbbeyT

Ah that all sounds great. Keeping everything crossed for a good thick lining. Come on 8mm!! 🤞💛x

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