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Hello all,

I haven't been on here as much as i used to, but just wanted to start off by wishing everyone a happy new year, congratulations on all the happy news and deeply sorry for the sad news.....wishing you all love.

I was in a dilemma if anyone could help or advise please.

On my review consultation after my miscarriage my consultant wanted me to go for a hysteroscopy as it was difficult to get to my uterus during embryo transfer i have my Hysteroscopy booked for the 15th January, he said this would act as a endometrial scratch and help during transfer which then i should go for the FET straight after which would be February.

We are in the final process of buying a house which should complete towards the end of January but we wouldn't move in until march (house needs decorating etc) . If i start the FET process in February embryo transfer will fall in march (not sure if the house will be done on time). if i start the process in march embryo transfer will be done in April.

The dilemma i have is, do i go for the hysteroscopy in january and go for fet process in march (will it be a problem to get to my uterus on day of transfer?) its my only frostie :-( , or do i rearrange my hysteroscopy for a later date (waiting times maybe upto 12 weeks?) then go for fet?

help please? thank you xxx

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My understanding is you’re best to have the scratch in the cycle immediately prior to your transfer. Your dates sound like it might be 2 cycles before? x

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Yes your right xx

I know everyone says you should have the scratch in the cycle prior to your transfer but I had my hysteroscopy then had a bleed and then had my natural FET and am now 22 weeks pregnant. However I had had 2 previous cycles where the scratch had been no benefit so I wasn’t overly focusing on that.

If you haven’t had a scratch before and want to get the most benefit from it and you can move the hysteroscopy without having to wait past March/April thats what I would probably do xx

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This is what i am thinking of, just because I don’t want to think “i should of”or “what if” thank you xx

I think the best thing to do is to move the date. This way it will be much more convenient for you. Just look at which scenario is the easiest for you. Then also do ask your doctor if he thinks this is the right decision to take. Good luck to you. I hope things go well for you. Don't take too much of stress. Sending baby dust your way.

Thank you so much for your advice xx

I had a hysterscopy and deep implantatib cuts in November and used my next cycle and got my bfp! Just awaiting my viability scan 😬 i was advised that the effects would last 6-8months however was told for optimal success to use the period immediately after the procedure, so if i was you i'd change your dates so it runs back to back, do whatever option you know that you'll have no regrets doing, its your last embie so give it the best chance possible and then whatever the outcome you'll have no regrets. Goodluck! Xx

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I think i will be going for the second option, I definitely want to give it my best shot xxx

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