Hysteroscopy awaits!

Evening ladies. Thought I’d give an update in case anyone else is in a similar situation. Yesterday we found out that our first FET cycle was being cancelled due to unresponsive lining. We saw our consultant this evening and he confirmed that ultimately the cycle was cancelled because I have a small amount of fluid in my uterus. It could be “unlucky and one of those things” or it could be due to scar tissue which in itself could be the result of an infection or menstruation. So we had a choice; wait for period and start on a higher dose of progynova or have a hysteroscopy investigation.

I’ve decided to have the hysteroscopy, I’m just waiting for appointment availability. Thought it best to have as much information as possible and hopefully it will help our next cycle 🤞🙏

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  • Hi Jude6. Not wishing things on you, but I'm pleased you've decided to go ahead and have a hysteroscopy done. So much information can be gained from having one. Good luck and I shall be thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane :) I totally agree, knowledge is power and most certainly in this situation x

  • Indeed it is xx

  • Hey that's what Im having done in January after having lining issues which finally resolved itself but a failed FET with 2 great quality hatching blastocysts. We were a bit narked to begin with but it makes a whole lot of sense to do some tests at this stage before we waste anymore embryos if there is a potentially fixable problem!! Best of luck, hope you dont have to wait too long!xx

  • Hi, got the call today - I'm booked in for next Wednesday. I totally agree, it's defo worth doing these tests if it increases our chances. Best of luck to you too! :) xx

  • Brilliant news, not long to wait at all! Hope it all goes well. Keep us posted!xx

  • I had one done after my first ivf failure and they found I had adhesions that we were not aware of. This has now hopefully been resolved and commencing my second FET now.

    It was annoying but am so glad I did it as my first ones never stood a chance and I didn’t waste anymore.

    Best of luck

  • Good luck to you and your precious embies and thank you for the info x

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