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Vitamins and Supplements


What vitamins and Supplements are you taking for IVF.

I heard vitamin D3 is good for implantation? Your thoughts/experiences?

Who is taking Coq10 (ubiqinol)? How do you feel on it?

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My doc strongly recommended coq10. I found it gave me nausea if taken on an empty stomach but no problem if I ate immediately afterwards. Apart from that, folic acid and a pregnancy multivitamin. It's good to get your vitamin d levels checked too.

Good luck!!

Thanks for your reply. Yes, CoQ10 does make me nauseous when I take on empty stomach.


Hi Ebonynelly. Most ladies just have a good quality pre-conception multivitamin which includes the Folic Acid and Vitamin D that is recommended. That is Folic Acid 400 mcgs and Vitamin D 10 mcgs each day. Hope that helps. Diane

Thanks Diane. It sure helped.

I’ve took ubiquinol 600mg for 3 mths amongst other supplements and vitamins just stopped as I’m pregnant. No side affects from ubiquinol with any supplements usually take with food.

Ebonynelly in reply to gcw104

Thanks for your reply. Yes, it only affects me when I take without food.

I was advised to take folic acid & vitamin D xx

Ebonynelly in reply to MrsAdzee

Ok. Thanks for the reply.

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