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Baby Asprin and vitamins

Hi ladies

There seems to be such good news on this site this morning!!

I am trying to prepare my body for my upcoming ivf appointment in September, so I am praying nothing comes in the way and we can start treatment after this!

I just wanted to ask you ladies a question, I was advised to take aspirin when I was going through the my iui sessions, and I took 1 tablet a day. I have contuined to do this even though I am not going through my iui treatments anymore. Is this safe to do? Also I have been taking pregncare from boots for the last 2 years and I was thinking what other vitamins should I be taking? Should I be taking folic acid aswell? I am also having accupuntre on a weekly basis but thinking of changing this to every 2 weeks as it's getting expensive! I also am having health smoothies everyday, given up sugar in my tea! Swapped to decaf and hardly have more than 2 cups now! Is there anything else I can be doing?

Thank you ladies! Have a great day 😁 xx

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Hi NDE! You sound like me when I went through my first cycle! I cut out all the bad (not that there was much but there was a blanket ban on alcohol and caffeine). I took pregnacare vitamins too - I'm pretty sure you get your folic acid quota from that but if you're eating veggies like kale you get an added boost there too.

I have just this week been reading about baby asprin for conception. There's conflicting information as to whether it should be used to aid conception or after conception. It's something I'm going to speak to our consultant about but you could call your clinic and ask what they recommend?

I think the most important thing is to eat well, keep moving and try not to let it take over your whole life. If you fancy a little bit of cake and it will brighten up your day then have it, it's no use being miserable the whole time.

Acupuncture is expensive but lots of women swear by it (and lots don't). You could try yoga at home? There are some really good YouTube videos that have some nice sessions on to try.

Lots and lots of luck for your upcoming cycle x x x


Thank you mommabear! I will call my clinic tomorrow! I only get 1 chance at ivf on the NHS so I really want it to be successful. It's crazy how this can take over our lives, I try to not let it but it's all I think about every minute of the day! I have endromestosis aswell and the last time I went to my nurse because of my delayed period she said I may be going through the early menopause, although this hasn't been confirmed or denied! I shall see what comes out of my September appointment x


It does take over your whole life and it's supposed to I think because it means so much to us. So long as it's not overwhelming. I think it's nice to immerse ourselves completely in it. I really hope that what the nurse said isn't correct, you don't need that adding to your worries. Hope everything goes well in September, keep us posted x x x


Hi NDE1987, I've only been taking prescribed baby aspirin at the start of the stimulation phase of IVF and continuing to take it now. Maybe check with the clinic?

I was taking Well Woman Pre Conception vits plus Omega 3-6-9 (flax seed).

Just generally look after yourself, acupuncture is great if you find it helpful. I had hypnotherapy sessions and did a lot of relaxation techniques, and kept myself fit and healthy.

I also made sure my husband had Well Man conception tablets, and made sure he was fit and healthy and eating lots of essential fats Xx


Many thanks for your advise! I will have a look into the omega tablets. I feel like I do eat healthy overall and am limiting junk food! I tried to call my clinic today but they never answered. I feel like if I call my ivf place they may not advise because they haven't seen me yet. I'm excited to start treatment! I feel like our time is finally coming. I know it may not work but just want to start the treatment :)


We had a failed cycle last month due to our embies not developing. Been for review today and they have advised 75mg of aspirin for me going forward. I was doing acupuncture too and it is expensive but I must say I enjoyed it! Not sure if it was the acupuncture itself or just the chance to leave work early, unwind & have a nap....bit of me time really! I was just taking bog standard folic acid though moved to pregnacare which has fokic acid in it in prep for embryo transfer....just didn't get that far so just back to folic acid for now! Good luck to you!x


Thank you for your reply cinderlla! I think I will contuine to keep taking the aspirin. You should carry on taking pregncare as it has everything in it. Iv been taking it for 2 years now!! Don't know how much it is helping lol. This journey is a long one but I hope we all get our happy ending at the end. I am sorry your embros didn't develope hopefully the next cycle will be the one for you xx


Thank you! It's hard but as you say we just have to hope! It is a long journey but learning all the time here! You guys are great!!x

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