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Vitamins and Supplements


I am taking the advised supplements:


Co enzymes q10

Omega 3 6 & 9

Calcium with Vit D

Does anyone now the right amount of above to actually take. Some websites differ. I know to only take 1 pregnacare a day. Just the other 3 I’m unsure of. I am on the run up to IVF.

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Hi Claire the q10 is 300mg, I take 100mg 3 times daily, some ppl take it all at once, I'm not sure that matters, I take 1 omega3 every morning, 10000iu of vit d3 daily ( for me this is for something else not fertility but I'm due can do no harm) and also 75mg of dhea, 3 25mg daily. This is prob the main vitamin for egg quality and quanity so I'd advise u to get It, though wen are u starting, think should b taking it 3months prior. Hope this helps x

I start down reg of the 12th of this month. Should I get dhea or is it a little too late? I do have a quite a good ovarian reserve so maybe that’s why they haven’t told me to take it? X

Well it would do no harm but prob a biy late to v get the best out of it. Is this ur first cycle? What down reg an stimm meds are u on?

Busereline and yes It’s my first cycle of IVF.

I’ve already done 3 rounds of IUI and 5 Months of Timed intercourse on Chlomid. X

i take 100mg co q10 and just the vitabiotic brand of vitamin d. The omega fatty acids I believe are best absorbed from diet and supplements don’t provide what you need so I eat oily fish 2-3 times a week.

What oily fish do you eat? I’m not a fan of fish x

Salmon, mackerel and tuna, luckily I do like!

I used to take 75mg DHEA, 100mg Ubiquinol and 2000mg Omega 3 focusing on EPA and DHA for max. absorption as well as the pregnacare conception multivitamin.xx

ClaireAlley in reply to precioce

Which dhea did you take x

precioce in reply to ClaireAlley

McPherson micronised version as it's much more easily absorbed and better for your body. You can order on UK site and it gets shipped from the US. I was told that it's better to have 3 x 25mg dose too for the same absorption reason.xx

ClaireAlley in reply to precioce

Thank you x

Anna00 in reply to precioce

Hi precioce, is that ok to take other vitamins with pregnacare? I’m taking one every day and every other day taking vit E but someone told me as pregnacare already has all the vitamins that your body need I don’t need to take more as it’s not good for my body. I’m a bit confused xx

precioce in reply to Anna00

DHEA and ubiquinol in particular are not in the pregnancy multi-vitamin.xx

Who recommends you take these - I mean the supplements other than folic acid and vitamin d? That’s all I’ve been told to take. I don’t want to ruin my chances by missing out on some vital info lol xx

ClaireAlley in reply to AJJ123

Our consultant at Nurture x

This is a great post! Can I ask where you get your CoQ10 ubiquinol from? I'm feeling overwhelmed when I look!

Kari55 in reply to Beechnut1

I take ubiquinol from Solgar or Jarrow - usually order from iHerb from the US but you can also get it via UK website

Beechnut1 in reply to Kari55

Thank you xx

I know that Pregnacare is commonly used and recommended but it probably isn’t the best choice as these are synthetic vitamins full of fillers which body would try to get rid off. It is better to take some whole food/ food state prenatals which body recognised as food therefore would absorb it easier.

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