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Day 9 follicle scan IVF

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I've just had my day 9 scan. I'm on long protocol with synarel and 375 gonal f

I'm 29 with low AMH (4.5) normal FSH and other hormones.

I felt my scan yesterday was disappointing and my clinic also appeared the sane and didn't offer and reassurance but suggested it's likely I may just get one egg. Could you please shed some light/ hope...

I've been told to continue same dose for further 3 days and go back to reassess

Lining 5.6

Right ovary 12, 9 & 2 tiny

Left ovary 16, 11, 10

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Hey. I can't really say anything cause im just before starting ivf just wanted to wish you best of luck and sending lots of positive vibes your way xxx

It took me a good while, we thought we’d have to abandon when I went back second time and only 1 was growing but they kept trying increased dose and eventually we got there. I was on different meds to you but try not to worry a lot can happen in a few days. Fingers crossed for you x

A lot can change in a few days. Good luck xx

I was on short protocol and didn't have many follicles at scans. On my day 10 scan I had 6 follicles (they didn't tell me what size) but by egg collection 4 or 5 days later 11 were collected.

The nurse who scanned me also didn't give any reassurance at all so don't worry about that.

A couple of days makes a massive difference.

Good luck for your next scan. I'm sure you will have more joining in. Xxx

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Hi Rose2303. Bit slow at the moment, but the beauty of IVF is that if necessary you can extend the stimulation phase if necessary, so fingers crossed if they get cracking, you could reach to 5 decent sizes and improved lining thickness. Much can happen in 3 days. Thinking of you. Diane

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Rose2303 in reply to DianeArnold

Thank you. Is there anything I can do to help it?

Aww Rose2303 I know how you feel. I just had my 10 day scan and you are doing better than me. I have 2 on my right @ 11 &13 and a tiny little one on my left. I'm sitting here right now wishing I had what you had and wondering why and what I could do. Xx


I'm 32 and have very low AMH level (2.6) and was on the same dosage of Gonal F. I was told to expect to 1/2 eggs but they managed to retrieve 8 as I stimm'ed for longer! 3 made it to blastocyst and i now on my 2WW. I felt very low at my first scan but things got a lot better so try to keep positive. I hope this gives you some hope!! xxx

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Rose2303 in reply to nm86

Thank you, fingers crossed for a sticky bean for you.

Had a 2nd scan today (day 12) there had been some growth over the weekend which is good. Now have 6 measurable (19,16,16,15,12, 10) plus 2 tiny. Lining is up to 6.4 and estradiol has gone from 1000 to over 3000. Got to continue stimming until Wednesday then have repeat scan (day 14) where they hope to say I can trigger 🤞🏻 For EC on Friday.

Feeling really nauseous today though.

How long did you stim for?

I've used all my NHS allowance of meds and had to buy extra to keep stimming longer than 12 days. Didn't even realise that was a thing...

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nm86 in reply to Rose2303

I stimmed for 12 days in total although I was expecting to stim for longer after the outcome of my day 9 scan was so poor. The consultants decided not to risk the 4 good follicles that I had (the rest were tiny and no where near criteria). The nurse told me that even when you stop stimming your follicles will continue to grow so I must have got some good growth even after I stopped. When I went in for egg collection the consultant told me to expect very low numbers so when they said they got 8 I was very shocked to say the least.

It's so good you have some growth and things are starting to happen. Some of us just take a little longer than others! Fingers crossed for EC on Friday for you.

I didn't realise that NHS meds only lasted 12 days - totally unjust - that makes me really mad! x

Hi, I know its really really heart breaking. And its so hard to wait for so long and then see these reaults, i was also in the same boat. I am 33 with low AMH level. On day 5 scan i had 6 on right and 5 on left but all very small. On day 9 i was left with only 5 on right and 1 on left which made me really worried. It was my second ivf attempt. Day 11 scan also showed the same result with only 4 of required size among all. They could only retrieve 3 eggs and only 1 was fertilized. Now im on 1dp3dt. In my first ivf cycle i had the same condition and it was a BFN. Im really really stressed out. Though i should be relaxing. May GOD help us all..

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