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Does cycle day dictate follicle count?

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Had ivf consultation today. Re testing my AMH with bloods but they also did an ultrasound to look for follicle count. The girl doing the scan said she couldn’t find my right ovary as I had a lot of “bowel gas”. I’ve had so many of these internal scans and always found both ovaries but I appreciate they can move around. She found left ovary but then she said she thought she could see ovarian tissue on the right but not sure. She said only 2 follicles but I assume that means for just the one ovary that she found, I’m not sure. Annoying as that is the feedback that will go to the IVF consultant & it doesn’t really give him a clear picture. I guess the AMH result might tell him more?

I’m 6dpo today. My questions for you lovely (far more knowledgeable than me) ladies is....

1. Does the day of your cycle effect your foccicle count? Why would they test me on day 21 of cycle ?!

2. If I was in my implantation stage after TTC this month , would the girl be able to see anything on the scan? I.e when she looked at my uterus, would she see anything out of the ordinary?

Thanks x

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I’m not sure about the day but I think they’re generally tested on days 1-5 but I could be wrong. For sure though you can get variation in follicle count from month to month.

I don’t think anything would be seen with implantation. If that were possible we’d probably all be bugging our clinics for a scan to see if our embies were doing their thing xx

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Thank you for taking the time to respond. I can’t find any definitive info online. Seems to make sense to track them at beginning of a cycle to check their size etc. So I’m slightly concerned that they’re testing me on day 21 of my cycle. Rrkkkk!

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I’m a bit confused too.. I thought it was progesterone levels checked on day 21.. Can you question why it was done on day 21? xx

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Emmyeve in reply to Tugsgirl

Today was my first consultation so I guess they just scanned me to check on things and today just happens to be day 21 of my cycle but I wonder why they didn’t say ok we shall check follicles again on day 3,6,9 etc to get a better idea of follicles. Makes me worry about competence/care. I might have to ring his secretary & explain I’m concerned that this scan doesn’t give an accurate picture. Perhaps I’ll arrange a private scan prior to my next appt. but then I can imagine he won’t take that seriously

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Good idea to ring and perhaps book a private appointment too. Good luck xx

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Hi I've just had my first scan on day 2 of my cycle along with new blood tests etc. Felt a bit yucky whilst i was on period and it hurt a bit as she kept moving it around. She said that the left ovary is always the hardest to examine as it tends to be hiding away but in my case they could see the left ovary easily but my right ovary was hiding away! I heard her count 3-4 follicles on each side but she said to the other nurse they may not respond as they're quite small. Im getting my blood results next week. I have no idea whether scanning at different cycle times affects things though. So confusing! X

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