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Day 9 IVF follicle scan

I had my day 9 follicule scan yesterday which im disappointed with. I'm 29 and have low AMH so I was warned to expect low numbers but can't help feel disappointed.

I'm on long protocol (synaral nasal spray for down reg for almost 3 weeks then gonal F 375 and keep going with the synarel on half dose)

I had my day 9 scan and it showed:

lining 5.6

Right ovary: 12, 9 & 2 tiny

Left ovary: 16, 11, 10 & 1 tiny.

I've been told to keep going with stims for another 3 days and rescan on Monday.

They didn't look hopeful and when I asked if it's likely the others will catch up they said possibly not and I may go ahead for EC with just 1 follicule at the correct size...

Anyone else had a similar situation that can share some hope?

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Hey there, I didn’t have a lot of follicles/growth, but we did manage to get 12 eggs on my last round. Keeping my fingers crossed for you 🤞💕 xx


12 is great! Do you know what your numbers were when you say you didn't have much on the scan?

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Err... I think I had about 3 that were either 17 or above and then a few that were around the 12-13 mark - that was on the Friday and then I had egg collection on the Monday 💕 xx


I only had 4 follicles and I think my numbers were very similar to yours at my 2nd scan (low AMH too). I only had 1 egg collected, but my first round was successful and I am now 18 weeks pregnant. It’s such a cliche and I got so fed up with it when people said this to me during the process , but it really does only take one.

Try and stay optimistic, there is definitely still a chance they will collect viable eggs (and maybe more than one) and you get your precious emby. Good luck x

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I am having my day 9 scan this morning.. on day 7 scan biggest follicle was 11.5 and lining only 4.4 but I am having FET is everything goes well.

I took cetrodite this morning. Really hope they grew in this 2 days. 🤞


Hi, 🤞🏻 Hope everything is moving in the right direction x


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