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9 follicles... Day 5 scan

Hi ladies,

Just home from scan, right ovary 6 follicles and left ovary 3 the biggest one is actually on the left at just over 10mm.

Upping gonal f to 375 tonight and tomorrow then back Friday morning. 

Need these to keep growing but relieved I have some there ( the dreams are mostly no eggs then no fertilisation at the moment!)

How do those numbers sound and any tips to help with growth? 

I am eating nearly 70g of protein and having eggs,avocado,milk, chicken or turkey and plenty of water although I admit probably only 1 / 1.5 litres a day

Thanks holly x 

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That's great numbers. I am a poor responder with low amh and only got 2 last time. I am on cycle 2 now and praying I get more, my next scan is on Friday xxx


Hi button

Thank you get getting back to me so quickly, I wasn't sure if those were good numbers or not as they've upped my dosage I thought maybe not.

If you've been through this before I guess they will know how your body responds and adjust accordingly.

Lots of luck for Friday let us know, fingers crossed for both of us xx



There is no adjusting mine, I am already on highest dose 450 from day 1 just got to hope for a miracle really.

Your numbers sound great, bet your so excited xxx


Those sizes sound good to me! My clinic said they only need to be 16mm I think. I had loads of follicles last time, a big one like 23mm and the rest all between 16 and 17 so I reckon you've got an amazing start! You'd be surprised how quick they grow too. Good luck! :) xxx


Hi button fingers crossed for you and keep up the protein intake apparently!!

Kittyk thank you for your reassurance - it means a lot 

Very excited just back from acupuncture so nice and chilled out too

Roll on Friday 

Holly x


Sounds like your on the right track to me sweet, my biggest foilcal was 22mm and I had a couple at 17.5 and then a few at 14. 

My biggest last Friday was 15 then by the Monday had gone to 22 so keep positive 

I also have a low amh and I've just got home from egg collection and amazingly I've had 10 eggs collected 😊

Keep positive 💕💕


Hi emjayne

Congratulations on 10 eggs you must be so happy lots of luck for fertilisation 😄

Thank you I'm trying to stay positive and believe that they will keep growing or as the nurse said this morning ...''keep talking to your uterus!!''

How was egg collection? If I'm honest that's probably scaring me the most

Holly x 


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