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Low follicle count/AMH... IVF Round 2


Hi all,

I'm a little excited by today's scan but also trying to remain calm and not get my hopes up.

I have Low AMH and in February they only spotted 6 follicles so said the chance of IVF success was very low. Post covid we had our first round and had 5 follicles during stim - 3 looked a good size, 2 eggs and 1 of them made it to 5 day Blast - whoop! Sadly got a BFN but pleased the clinic suggested another go but with a triple trigger as was expecting a donor egg recommendation.

I've had day 9 stim scan today and saw 11 follicles 😃 now only 5 of them are over 11mm but that's amazing considering what I was expecting.

Next scan Monday then probably EC on weds but need help to keep grounded. Starting to imagine that we might have 2 eggs to transfer or have the option to freeze one. Eck!

Any advice about how to encourage them to grow and also keep myself calm and not over excited just to have my hopes smashed on the EC day would be appreciated.

Much luck and baby dust to you all xx

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This is my first round so don’t have any advice but I have another scan Monday and EC weds too so we are in sync!

Wishing you all the best of luck 🥰

Purple276 in reply to SPLPX

Hi! Yay we'll hopefully be transfer buddies! How have you been feeling with the injections?

SPLPX in reply to Purple276

I’ve been on buserelin since 7th October and still taking it. Day 8 of menopur 225 each day. The first few days of menopur burned 🔥 but it’s ok now. Hopefully it will all be worth it. How about you? I have 12 follicles so we have around the same too ☺️

Fingers crossed for both of us next week 🥰

Purple276 in reply to SPLPX

I'm on the same protocol! I had awful headaches until started the menopur and actually feeling fine since.

Exciting! Hope your next scan goes well too and you'll have to keep me posted on your EC 😊

Purple276 in reply to SPLPX

Hey, Hope your egg collection went well today. Mine was delayed by a couple of days to give more time for then to grow. Hope all went okay 🤞 x

SPLPX in reply to Purple276

Hiya. They got 14 eggs ☺️ which I think is a good number. Now to just wait for the call in the morning to see how many fertilise. However I’m not having a fresh embryo transfer as the lining of my uterus isn’t thick enough so they don’t want to risk it not implanting. They are going to wait until day 5 and then freeze them all. I now need to wait for my period and then the process of a natural FET 🤞🏻

It’s not what I expected but I would much rather wait until it’s the right time and has the best chances and we’ve had a good process until now so still feeling very lucky 🥰

How are you feeling on the stims? I struggled the last few days so hope you’re ok x

Purple276 in reply to SPLPX

Oh that's great work 😀 That's good numbers and hopefully you get positive news tomorrow.

I can appreciate you are keen to have one transfered but think that sounds like a sensible decision. I think a FET is less of an impact on your body so positive thoughts for the future transfer.

I'm definitely more tired 😴 and feel crampy but not actually too bad. Just wishing that Friday was here now!

SPLPX in reply to Purple276

Thank you.

I agree, I found the few days just before egg collection a bit harder so really hope tomorrow goes quickly for you. I was advised to have a high protein diet and drink lots of water.

Are you doing your hcg trigger tonight? X

This is very exciting! Best of luck! You are doing all the right things if they are already at 11mm. Xx

Purple276 in reply to jengi

Thank you 😊

jengi in reply to Purple276

Any update? How are you getting on?

hi purple well done. do you mind me asking how low is your AMH. mine is 2.56 and i was a poor responder to mild stimulation of IVF. doc said he would try once more only. he suggested IUI which failed on me today (2ww) negative. i have been on 450IU merifort and fostimon. xx

Purple276 in reply to Rumi40

Hi, really sorry to hear that the mild stimulation didn't work and that you got that news today. I think we all respond very differently to different drugs and how that they're might be another option or protocol for you? It's just a really expensive and emotionally exhausting trial and error.

I think I was lucky and I seemed to have responded to my protocol. I was on the long protocol and took 300 menopur and 150 bemfola. My AMH was 3.37.

Good luck and hope you find a next step x

Hi Purple .

I’m low amh myself , in my first ivf I had 6 follicles. Second ivf i was put in 450 gonal f and I did not respond very well. I feel the high dose had ruined my ovaries. Right ovary did not have any and left had 3 . Can you pls tell me what protocol did you have ? Will be helpful

Purple276 in reply to Babyhope8


So sorry your second round seems to go so badly. Both times I've done the long protocol with buserelin to down regulate then 300 menopur and 150 bemfola. Also the double gonasai trigger. Think it's a high dose but seem to be okay.

Have you spoken to your consultant to see what other options might work? Maybe re-try the protocol from the first round?

Babyhope8 in reply to Purple276

It’s hard to talk to doctor and convince him to try anything different. You are right , my first ivf from India was much better. I will persuade my doctor to try that else planning to change clinic. They are so focussed on next next but never analyzing what went wrong . It upsets me

Purple276 in reply to Babyhope8

We have no option but to be our own advocates and I totally agree we want to understand why it doesn't work. I've found these and other forums really helpful and found doing research and asking all the questions I think of have helped.

Definitely chat about re-trying the first protocol if that worked. Or seeing if you can find a consultant that you can trust to make the right decisions for you.

Really hope that things go well for you and good luck xx

Super exciting I feel the same but don’t think you shouldn’t always have your hopes up,,,,, I believe you should, you’re doing all you can and so enjoy the good times that’s what they’re there for x Wishing you all the baby dust luck in the world 🌍✨✨xx

Purple276 in reply to Blue1978

Aw that's really nice thank you. Guess it's good to be in the hope place for a little while! So much of this process is crappy why not try to be positive for a little while. Same back to you too. Lots of luck and baby dust 💞

Hi Purple276, what is a triple trigger?


Purple276 in reply to PaulaDag

Hi Paula276, My trigger injection is 3 lots of 5000 Gonasai. So a triple trigger 😊

PaulaDag in reply to Purple276

Hi, is that that same type of thing as Ovitrelle which is the trigger injection I’ve been given? Why do some clinics give 2 or 3 triggers? Is there a particular reason as I was thinking of asking for 2 just to make doubly sure all the smaller follicle sizes that have eggs definitely mature. As I understand some can be immature eggs if the follicles size is Uber 17mm. I have one follciles that leading ahead and I want to wait for the smaller ones but could risk them being immature.


Purple276 in reply to PaulaDag

Morning, yes that's exactly it. Because of my age and low follicle count they suggested double the dose to give them a boost. They also spotted last round 2 eggs were not released so thought more time between trigger and EC would help.

Hope that helps. They might suggest another day of stims to give time for the little ones to catch up but hopefully they do and all goes well on EC day. Keep me posted how it goes xx

PaulaDag in reply to Purple276

Morning, Thanks. I might ask for the same then as I’m 42 and had a poor response to our 1st cycle of 300 ovaleap. This cycle I’m on 450 iu of menopur so hoping I respond better.

🤞 xx

Hi, I have low AMH, in March I had two follicles after stimulation and at the egg retrieval they were empty. My clinic put me on DHEA. In July (once airports opened) we started trying again. My clinic test e2 and FSH prior to starting a cycle. This month my levels were not good so cycle cancelled. August we tried again. E2 and FSH were not perfect but acceptable so I started stimulation and had one follicle. Cycle cancelled. September/October started next try. I also started ubiquinol and accupuncture. FSH and E2 were in perfect ranges. Had three follicles and three eggs at egg retrieval. All three fertilised, had a three day fresh embryo transfer of one grade D and two Grade B embryos. This week I got a positive pregnancy test and I hope all will remain well. I never expected to get pregnant because other doctors told me you won't manage with IVF or you need donor eggs. My clinic never said that to me. They just told me you have to be patient and they were right. I had read an article from a lady on here and she said the same thing. So it is possible 😊 and good luck.

BECIO in reply to Schnitzel84

That’s amazing and an inspiration x

Wow that's amazing and so happy for you! Thank you for sharing and glad you found the right clinic for you 💞 😃

They will grow, you have plenty of timexxx

Hi purple!!! Congratulations on the little eggs of life (that's how my friend used to call mine) growing inside of you. I also have low AMH and my husband has abnormal morphology and motility #dreamteam 😂 we had a round of IVF back in March and they gave me 225 iu of ovaleap for stimulation. They collected 8 follicles and 2 of them made it to 5 day blastocyst but they both failed to implant. We've just done another cycle and they increased my dose of ovaleap to 300iu a day. This really worked for me! 15 eggs this time and 3 to blastocyst stage. We put 1 in and froze 2 as their quality was pretty good. So I am now 6 weeks pregnant and super excited!!!

I didn't really do anything to encourage them to grow, just took my vitamins and my injections, ate healthy and stayed positive 😊 Wishing you all the best!

Purple276 in reply to TrendyDove

Oh TrendyDove that's lovely news 😃 So happy and excited for you and pleased that the increase to the meds worked for you. Love good news like that. Wishing you a good 8 months 💞

Hey Purple276 i also have very low amh for my age and was told success rate was low. I was advised to try acupuncture weekly and make sure I took a good dose of vitamin D..I got 9 follicles, however only 5 were between 18-20 & had eggs...I was really happy about it though! So far I know 2 have fertilised, just waiting to hear if they make it to day 5.

Wishing you the best of luck this round! Xx

JanB78 in reply to Nmhbaxy

Hi who told you to try accuounture and vitamin D?

jengi in reply to JanB78

I was also told to take vitamin D by my consultant. I take the Zita west spray. I also did accupuncture, the evidence is inconclusive at best but it really helped with relaxation & the acupuncturist was really reassuring & very positive which again helped with my mindset! But it is an extra cost & an extra set of appointments to fit in & around work.

Nmhbaxy in reply to JanB78

The doctor at my clinic advised I have vitamin d because there is research it helps with egg growth and quality. I started acupuncture because several people I have spoke to who have had ivf recommended it. I researched into it before I started it but it really works for me. It makes me feel incredibly relaxed

Purple276 in reply to Nmhbaxy

I went for an acupuncture appt but didn't get on with the therapist! Felt that I couldn't relax with her but glad you found a good one. I'm going to try reflexology after EC to hopefully keep me chilled!

Everything crossed for good news and that the embryos make it to Blast stage 🤞

*Sensitive* hopefully this gives you guys some hope.

I have an AMH of 2.1, I was 32 when I found that out. When I had a HyCoSy they could only see 5 follicles (he said 6 to give me a bit more hope, but I've seen the pics there were only 5).

First round 3 grew. I was gutted. I asked if we should abandon ship. But was told to put on my positive pants and keep going. My last scan before egg collection they saw another 2 that could possibly reach a big enough size by collection day.

Roll around collection and they get the 3 big ones and 1 smaller egg. I'm in floods of tears (while heavily meditated) that I had any eggs.

Our embryologist says that she thinks it will be a 3 day transfer as the numbers are so low she doesn't want to hold out for day 5.

Roll on the next day and we get the call all 4 fertilised!!

We go in on day 3 for a transfer (again gutted that it's not day 5 and assuming it won't work). By day 3 we have x1 grade A, x2 grade Bs and x1 grade D.

The grade A geta transferred and long story short I'm now 19 weeks with a wrigglely boy!

We also let the other eggs go to blastocyst and ended up with x2 grade Bs in the freezer.

Don't loose hope. You only need 1 to get pregnant. Go to a clinic you trust and try however much you can to keep your positive pants on.

You have follicles growing which is a great first step. Apparently low AMH can sometimes cause just 1 follicle to steal all the meds, so first hurdle done ✔ Now you need to grow them big and juicy. Don't do anything crazy just try and eat healthy but don't kill yourself over it and gentle exercise. It's all you can do!

I wish you so much with your cycle. Keep us posted on how it all goes. Roll on Wednesday Xxx

Nmhbaxy in reply to London_Lady1

London_Lady1 ohmygosh what a lovely story for me to read this morning. I am also 32 and have a low amh of 3.1! I literally thought I was the only one to be this age with a low amh.

Congratulations on your pregnancy result that is amazing!

Best wishes xx

London_Lady1 in reply to Nmhbaxy

Thank you! I've heard success stories with even lower AMH so try not to worry. Silver lining is that we are super low risk of OHSS :) wishing you lots of luck and baby dust! Xx

I like that as a positive spin. Low risk of ohss and not super uncomfortable prior to EC with too many eggs taking up space!

Thank you so much for sharing and last time I did have just one big one so that makes sense. So happy for your good news and keeping us all hopeful. Yay for 19 weeks! 💞😊

jengi in reply to London_Lady1

Awh what a lovely success story, congratulations! Xx

Ladies - When you're talking AMH, are you talking pmol/l or ng/l? I've seen both but they are very different to each other! There is a converter online. Mine was measured in pmol/l. I have low AMH but still waiting for tests to be done so I can get referred for ivf.

Hi Purple. I too have very low AMH. Mine was 2.4 when tested last October. I had a round of Ivf in august which was long protocol on menopur. 4 eggs collected, 2 mature, only one fertilised but abnormally.

This cycle we tried short with gonal f and menopur. They saw 4 follicles which were big enough so I triggered. By the time egg collection came, to my astonishment they collected 8 eggs. 6 were injected with icsi, 3 fertilised and 2 made it to day 5. I had an early blast transferred and got my bfp yesterday. The other one they left until day 6 and froze it as an expanded blast.

Good luck xxx

Purple276 in reply to Megandmog

Yay! Well done and so happy for you. That was my next option if go for round 3 (although hopefully not needed 😉) I asked about moving to the short protocol and trying a different stim and they said would recommend same again but if I wanted to try different then they would support that which was good. Think it's definitely about the right protocol for you and a clinic you feel comfortable with that will discuss your options.

Good luck with your bfp and hopefully I'll be there with you soon! 😊

Hi Purple, we have very similar stories. My third ec is scheduled for Tuesday. My AMH was 5 inJan. Round 1 -8afc 12ish good follicles, 7 eggs , 3 Day 5 embryos-bfn. Round 2 6afc 12ish good follicles 6 eggs, 2 day 5 embryos-bfp but was likely an ectopic. Both times all but 1 egg fertilised. I have always done long protocol and the full dose of 450 ( menopur, gonal f and this time a combination of both). My clinic are always happy with my response given my AMH but the trouble is my embryos have not been the best quality. This time I have a double trigger to try as so many follicles have been empty at my collections but typically this round I have less follicles 😬. I’ve been on much less DHEA this time so I’m guessing that’s why but I’m hoping the quality will be better. Sounds like you have got your triple trigger at the right time and hopefully it does the trick for you 🤞🏻. It has been reassuring to read so many success stories on this post. Good luck for Wednesday, we will be 1 day apart. X

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