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Vitex and DHEA together?


Hi all. Happy Easter. I’m hoping for your advice as my list of supplements is now quite long and don’t want to undo any benefits they offer. Af has reared its head again today and so I am going to start on dhea. Question is can I take this alongside vitex?

I think I have 2 fertility issues: Low ovarian reserve and slightly short leutal phase (varies a bit but normally get spotting from day 11 followed by af a few days later).

I took vitex 400mg/day for a whole month in January and it did lengthen my leutal phase (no spotting just full on after 14 days) but also af was very very heavy and clotted that month so unsure if it’s a good thing for me or not?) . Would b6 and magnesium be better?

On dhea, any tips? I have purchased 25mg micronised and I know it’s recommended as 3x per day but was thinking of starting with 1/day then checking levels in blood in around 6 weeks time to find out how quickly my levels are rising.

I am also about to switch my coq10 for ubiquinol. Any other suggestions greatly appreciated

Baby dust to all xxx

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Hey lovely. Is the DHEA being supervised by your clinic? I would chat to them about it if so. I’m taking the x3 a day. My consultant explained that it’s a short acting hormone so you need to keep the level topped up consistently during the day - hence the split of the doses.

I stopped taking vitex when I started IVF prep - I don’t know whether it’s contraindicated with DHEA. It’s good for hormone regulation (spotting in the LP indicates progesterone is too low).

Ubiquinol is a great choice. I also take vitamin c and e supplements to support egg quality. (Plus a load of others for various things 🙈😂). Maca powder is also good to add if you can.

You might want to look at acupuncture for your LP issue if not already doing it. Sounds like a spleen channel issue which they could fix over a couple of months. And a nutritionist or herbalist to take you through the right supplements for you individually.

Hope that helps. xx

Thank you for replying ! I don’t have a clinic as such at the moment as in the process of waiting on my records to pass to a new clinic before I can have first consultation there. But informally both have told me dhea is worth a try . I haven’t had much luck with acupuncture but think a nutritionist/ herbalist could be very useful for me to see. What stage are you st & how have you found being on dhea? X

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