After a one time failed natural IVF cycle we have been told at the age of 44 to not waste any more money & consider donor egg.we are going to take a few months & some councelling to consider this so someone suggested why don't I take DHEA in the mean time & just see if a miracle occurs! My doctor at my clinic, although they don't prescribe it said she couldn't see a problem with this from a health view point. How do I get it and how do I know how much to take? Has any one got any experience or advice with this? Even trying to research this is stressing me out!!😖x

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  • I took this last round only took it for 4 weeks not religiously and got a much better response than my first go, I did get a BFP but sadly ended but defo furthest I have got and I believe it was down to dhea. Next time I am going I am going to take it 12 weeks prior to starting treatment. I got mine of the Internet and took it 75 a day in 3 doses of 25 (breakfast, dinner and tea) anymore question feel free to ask X

  • I read about your sad news and I'm so sorry that it didn't go to plan when you were so close.I take it you going to try again with your own eggs?

    I am wondering if there is any point in the dhea as the doctor has pretty much said don't waste more money on an own egg cycle but because we are not able to do anything until at least october due to work committments i think her thinking is, try it and see if a natural miracle comes along. She can't prescribe so i guess im self medicating but the general consensus seems to be 25mg x 3 daily.

    Could you please advise which website you purchased from. I'm just a bit wary...

  • Aw thanks Hun it did feel so cruel to get so near then have it gone from us, but doing ok.

    My consultant didn't recommend dhea she said it wouldn't harm me but nothing proven it helps. Although a few years ago my clinic used to give it out to poor responders after failed cycle so they must have thought it did some good.

    I figured I had nothing to lose, I ordered off biovea and 3x25g per day. Wasn't going to try again with my eggs but after getting so close with only 4 weeks on dhea I am going to try again and take for 12 weeks before next treatment.

    Good luck and it is suppose to help with natural pregnancy aswell xx

  • Ah I hope u get the result u wish for this time! Yes I think we will have to hope that it helps with natural pregnancy as I don't know if we can gamble with our savings trying again with my own eggs as then we'd have nothing left to go donor route if needed. Is it me or on the biovea site are there several 25mg variations? I wasn't sure what to order?x

  • I took it with a lot of success, but am loads younger. I don't respond even though my AMH was normal. My first 7 rounds of treatments I rarely got 2 follies, usually only 1! So I took 75mg of DHEA for 6 weeks leading up to egg collection. The result?! 6/7 follies with 600 units of gonalf.

    What is holding you back in regards to donor eggs? It will have your blood and nourishment even if the egg wasn't yours. Success rates will be higher...

  • Yes my AMH is not surprisingly really low. The doc did say she has heard good reports tho no scientific backing hence they wont prescribe it.She also said as far as she was aware no health risks so no harm in taking.Did yours or did you buy on line? If so where from?

    I know, everyone has given me nothing but positive feedback re donor egg. I just don't know why I can't get to grips with it.I wish the idea would just click. Probably doesnt help that my partner not much of a talker...

    We are having our 1 free councelling session in a few weeks so hopefully that might help x

  • If the consultant at the clinic has mentioned it, then I would ring them and ask about strengths.

    I wanted to take it, but like you, I wasn't sure what and so I called the clinic and they told me 25mg three times a day.

    If you google BIOVEA dhea, there's a few websites it'll come up on.

    Anything is worth a go is my theory!

  • No it was me that asked the clinic. they dont prescribe it. she thought i might be able to purchase from zita west shop but they dont seem to have it

    I will google that, thanks....i read it should be micronized?

    I also read that it can cause irriversable hair thinning which I already have a problem with so dont want to make worse,did you notice anything?

    Also how far along with treatments are you- have you found the dhea has made a difference?

  • Micronized is meant to be better for absorption, but it's difficult to buy in the U.K.

    The one that I mentioned is the one that my clinic recommended.

    I haven't had any issues from taking them, but staged my intake. 1 tablet for a week, then up to 2 for a week and then 3.

    I started taking them a few months back as we were originally going to start IVF again this month, but we've decided to delay it for a couple of months.

    I was worried if might affect my endo and I get a lot of migraines, but so far ok...

  • Thanks.is it better to stage intake then? I was just going to jump straight in? If your clinic recommended biovea, it must be ok then? The American one is double the price x

  • They didn't say about staging them, but I just wanted to do it to see how I felt on them...

  • That's probably quite sensible actually! x

  • What is DHEA?! I'm the same age as you and just about to start my treatment using donor egg and sperm!

    Good luck to you x

  • Apparently it is a hormone tablet that they think may improve egg quality although there is no scientific proof. They use it a lot in the states for older women.I wish I'd read about it before my failed cycle.I think my Doctor thinks it may still not be much good to me if I have low reserve anyway as you cant treat something that's not there but thats why i think she suggested i just take it for a few months while we are not doing any treatments, see if a natural miracle occurs. her words ' wont do u any harm'

    When do you start Distinction? I know you are doing this on your own so any time you want to chat, more than happy to. I think its amazing!x

  • I've seen the doctor, had a session of counselling and have been given a match. 2 weeks and I see the nurse for the run down of what to take and when plus a very expensive bill to pay! My period started today so I need to take the pill back to back so that the egg donor and my cycle can be synchronized! It's all very clever and time consuming! Then I will be given dates for scans to see if my womb lining is thick enough and finally the transfer. After that it will be another visit for a blood test to see if it has all worked!

    Let me know how you get on x

  • Oh wow! It's really all happening!! Fingers crossed for u!! Keep me posted & I shall do same x

  • Thank you! I was given my dates for going in today spread over 2 months! The time just gets to me and filling it is really hard sometimes! Oh well, I have these dates to work towards now! Speak soon x

  • Are you only meant to take DHEA if you have a low egg reserve? My FSH levels were 4.8 and I am 29....should I take these to make my eggs good for ivf!

  • I think it is more to improve egg quality hence my hesitation as I have low reserve and potentially poor quality due to age. But a few girls on here seemed to get more eggs to collect after taking it so who knows? At 29, I would have said your quality is still good? x

  • Hi I would suggest you read. 'it starts with the egg' by rebecca fett - she covers supplements to take including DHEA (which she took herself) she is a scientist so comes at it from a point of proven fact as to what works. She also suggests ubiquinol 300mg a day so defo start taking that asap, along with a few others (myo-inositol & melatoin that I can think of off the top of my head)

    Good luck x

  • Thank you poochi, I'll have a read.feel like i am running out of time to make the right decision x

  • Hi.

    I`d be interested in any info you find out about this. I`m 45 and will anything a try. I`m in a similar situation to you low Ovarian reserve 15, 17 then 10 .Currently looks like my 9th Clomid cycle hasn`t been successful either. Unfortunately were not in a position to afford IVF and my partner will not entertain donor eggs.

  • Hi webchick

    Your amh result is better than mine - mine was 6.7 2 years ago and now only 2.9 so for your age, thats not bad! I got pregnant a few years ago with clomid but miscarried at 7 weeks - the next time i tried it, nothing at all.

    Would you consider donor if your partner was willing? Mine won't even discuss at the moment. I think I need him to tell me he wants it for me to be able to make that decision. Right now I'm in limbo land and kicking myself that I didnt make us try harder when I was in my 30s!

    I'm happy to let you know anything I find out re DHEA. Im going to carry on reading up over next few days.

    Sounds like we are in similar situation hun so if you ever fancy a chat....x

  • Hi.

    I`d already decided i would have donor eggs, if it was the only way but he`s dead against it "it won`t be our baby" .There`s other issues too. It`s so frustrating as my only problem is my age and low egg reserve. I had high Prolactin but that`s been lowered by tablets, i don`t have any other fertility problems and my partner`s sperm is ok . I`ve now done 9 cycles on Clomid and my consultant is happy for me to carry on for a bit longer as now i`m ovulating regularly. My 21 day Progesterone was 120 this month which apparently could mean two eggs released.I`ve now insisted that i have a scan for cysts as i`ve been on Clomid for so long. I`m sure you too feel the intense disappointment every month when AF shows even though i know the odds are stacked against us 1-2% then there`s the MC risk and then any genetic problems.

    Please let me know about any info. I`m assuming you can`t take DHEA while on Clomid though.

  • my partner said the same thing about 'our baby' but i wonder if it was more to protect my feelings as he knows I probably wouldnt have waited so long if he wasnt so much younger than me. If i knew that he wanted children in his future no matter what, I wouldnt hesitate, but Im not sure if i can push on down the donor egg route when im not sure how much he even wants it. I dont know...this whole fertility journey makes me doubt everything!!!

    I am ovulating regularly to and even did chinese herbs and acupuncture for a year and a half but still no joy

    Not sure about taking it whilst on clomid. if i see anything about that ill let you know.

    Maybe you could try and persuade your partner to do a councelling session re donor. My partner is dreading going - he does not talk!! so Ill let you know if it brings any joy.

    please keep in touch. its a relief to speak to someone of similar age still trying xx

  • Hi! I've been on DHEA since February, 3 times a day. Website called Biovea sell it. My doctor wouldn't start my IVF until i had at least 3 months worth of pills inside me, i start in August.

    A friend of mine also took DHEA for 3 months, had 2 rounds of IUI, fell pregnant and now has a beautiful boy. I believe in it, give it a go.

    Sam :)

  • Hi Sam

    That sounds really positive! I think I may give it a go. Not sure whether to order from biovea or from the states where it's micronised? Also know clinic trying to steer me away from another go with my own eggs since there were none to collect last time so I think if I take it, it would be cos we r hoping for a natural miracle!!

    Good luck with ur journey -which clinic do u go to that work with DHEA?


  • I've been going to a clinic in Essex, Brentwood Nuffield. They have good results with IVF and are lovely.

    The DHEA will strengthen the eggs you have unfortunately it won't help produce more but definitely give it a go. People say there's side affects to the tablets, ive not noticed any - the odd headache here and there but that's it.

    Good luck with your journey too, keep us updated its like a big family unit on here.

    Sam xx

  • Thanks Sam. Sounds like biovea the one to go with then as a lot of people have mentioned it x

    So reassurring to get the advice from people going through it.

    Fingers crossed for you for August! x

  • Biovea website is good btw x

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