Blood in urine 😟

I am 9.5 weeks pregnant. I have had various cramps and pains throughout! I have also got bad nausea and sickness. Over the last few days I have had quite bad tummy pains and as I don't have my first midwife appointment for another 2 weeks I went to the Drs. She found blood in my urine plus I have a temperature. I now have antibiotics and she sent off a swab test. I am very worried....anyone else had similar?

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  • it could all be u related.I've had pains on and off which is apparently from uterus stretching and ovaries shrinking after ivf. Had a urine test yesterday with traces of blood in which can apparently be completely normal or a sign of a uti which maybe why they gave you antibiotics. have you had a scan yet to put your mind at rest that things are ok with baby? X

  • Had a 7 week scan as IVF but nothing since. Still using the pessaries so they might not be helping! Was a FET so pain not due to ovaries.

  • I know this was years ago, but my mum had a really bad kidney infection when about that stage with my brother. He was born big and healthy.

    Plus a friend of mine had kidney problems throughout her pregnancy, even underwent surgery with general anaesthetic. Again, her little girl was born healthy.

    Whatever is the cause of all this, it doesn't need to mean anything for your pregnancy so please don't worry too much. Your precious baby will be well looked after xx

  • Hey, don't be worried as long as it's just a random spotting. I know how frightening even a drop of blood sounds when you're pregnant - been there, lived it. But really it's normal to have cramps (light one though) and a bit of spotting occasionally when you're pregnant. I had it too... plus, my symptoms not just appeared late but kept disappearing from time to time.

  • It wasn't spotting, I didn't know, the dr just found it testing my urine for infection. I didn't realise I had a water infection, just had deep pains and feel a bit off x

  • Okay! Now that it's detected it'll be gone in no time. Urine infections are both common and petty - happens usually due to infested water. I thought it was spotting and sometimes it's so less that you only get to see it when you pee. Happens to me a day or two before my AF starts. Sorry for the misinformation then. :(

  • I'm no expect but sounds like a urine infection. Unfortunately I am plagued with uti's from time to time and they are not nice company:-( Tummy pains and temperature also indicative of uti symptoms. Drink plenty of water to try to flush out infection. If you are still feeling anxious and can't wait until you see midwife in a fortnight's time maybe contact your EPU, voice your concerns and request a scan for reassurance. Hope you feel better soon and the antibiotics work. Take care x

  • Sounds like a urine infection to me. Stay on top of it. Drinks loads water go back to Dr every couple of days. Try not to worry. 😊

  • How are you feeling today? Any improvement?xo

  • Thanks for asking x no better yet, on antibiotics so hopefully soon.

  • Hi Phoebenooby. I agree with "Elynn". I assume your GP has sent a urine sample off to see whether it grows any infection? It is quite common in early pregnancy, so try not to worry even if you need antibiotics. Get well soon. Diane

  • Thanks. Yes the Dr tested my urine and found blood in it and together with a temperature and low tummy pain has prescribed antibiotics. She also took a swab as I had strep B infection 15 years ago and checking it isn't that 😳 I should had an antibiotic drip when I was in labour with my daughter 2 years ago but I didn't get it. Luckily all was well. I wasn't even tested for strep B during my last pregnancy so I'm quite pleased it's being tested now.

  • Hi. Pleased to hear all is in hand. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you!

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