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**Sensitive** strong cramping in early pregnancy



I just wanted some reassurance if anyone has experienced bad cramping in early pregnancy? I am so grateful and fortunate to get a positive pregnancy test after 2 failed ivf cycles but now I am consumed with worry that I may miscarry. I am just over two weeks now following a day 5 transfer and have had mild-moderate cramping every day on/off for the full duration of the tww but last night the cramping was so bad it had me crippled over. I have no spotting which is reassuring but has anyone else gone on to have a healthy pregnancy following bad cramping? Thank you Xx

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Yes, most people experience some cramping in early pregnancy. It’s due to implantation and your womb ‘making space’ for your little one! Don’t worry too much, especially if you don’t have bleeding. I wish you a healthy pregnancy x

Yea I need to keep reminding myself that. Just a worry when some are so strong so I will feel a lot more relaxed after the first scan. Thank you 😊 X

I had cramping in my early pregnancy. Almost as if my period would arrive. I contacted my midwife who reassured me that it was normal. I had it on and off during the first 12 weeks.

I am now 17 weeks. 😁

Ivfcandothis in reply to LMC2020

Thank you thats given me reassurance. Just have to hang on in there until scan x

Everyone is different but have seen lots with full positive outcomes which have experienced the same. Big congratulations, try to enjoy I know it is soo hard x

Thank you ☺️. Yea just trying to enjoy it and not over analyse everything as never got this far xx

Yes I was sure I was going to bleed felt like my period. As long as there’s no blood it’s very normal. Obviously you don’t no if everything is okay until you have a scan regardless. My clinic did a scan at 7 weeks but I ended up going at 6 weeks I couldn’t wait 🤦🏽‍♀️ wishing you the best x

Ivfcandothis in reply to Sorax

Thank you ☺️Yea I feel so sure it’s my period trying to start! Its so hard isn’t it. I’ve booked a private early scan at 6 wks for peace of mind Xx

I had the worst period type pains on and off my whole first trimester but I also had some spotting. I now have an almost 3 year old little boy. I was told it was everything loosening and stretching getting body ready to accommodate the growing baby and some people just feel the cramps more severe.

Congratulations xx

Aww that’s lovely ☺️ That fills me with hope. Thank you, that’s really reassuring xx

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