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Pain and bleeding 5 weeks pregnant

I am about 5 weeks and it's a long story but this is our rainbow pregnancy after losing our beautiful boy at 36 weeks in May. With him I had lots of bleeding starting with spotting at about 5 weeks ish I think and then a heavy bleed at 8 weeks which continued until 16 weeks. So Sunday night I had some bright red blood when wiping. I got a 2-3 on a digi on Friday and then got a 3+ on Monday am after the bleeding had started so levels gone up?

I have been soooooo scared since finding out I was pregnant and really struggled, now I am petrified! If this was a miscarriage wouldn't my tests be getting lighter?

On Monday I had bad period pains then weird pains almost in my bottom and just felt sore. The next day still a bit sore but no period pains. Bleeding stopped in the afternoon but then had a bit more this am but no pain or soreness today ?

I went to the docs and everything fine, no tenderness in abdo and obs fine, too early for a scan so just have to wait :( scan not until 26th September.. Feels so far away!

I am also on aspirin so worried now about this getting heavier..

Why did this have to happen it's just going to freak me out and I was feeling a tiny bit calmer.

I pray it's just the pregnancy progressing but it's not helping my anxiety!

This is an IVF pregnancy from an FET

Lou X

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Hi Bumpwanted. So sorry you are having a hiccup so early in your pregnancy. I was just wondering whether your GP would do a Beta hCG blood test on you just to reassure you that all is OK?? Have a word with him/her too about continuing with the soluble aspirin. Just try and rest when you can and hopefully all will soon settle down again. I'm sure that you will be monitored regularly because of your past history. Thinking of you. Diane


Thank you Hun I asked him and he seemed reluctant, I wish now I had just been more assertive but he made me feel better but now I am back to worrying! Fertility clinic said to keep taking the aspirin. Bought more pregnancy tests but I know they won't give me definite answers either! 12 days until scan it's such a hard time, really don't know how much more I can go through :( xx

Hi Bumpwanted.I'm just wondering whether the bleeding, as it is spasmodic could be down to irritation caused by progesterone pessaries, if you have been prescribed them? This often happens at around what would normally be period time, then settles again. All down to hormones being messed with. If you rest for a bit, you will find that any blood "puddles" and always seems more when you get up. It's an awful waiting game for you, so try and keep occupied, if you can. Plenty of daytime rubbish on TV to while away the hours! Thinking of you. Diane

Thanks so much Diane X I am not on progesterone as was a fully natural FET :) it's better today, I started with spotting at this point with Harrison but was brown not red, but then I wonder if it's because I am on aspirin! Only a scan will tell me and I know it's a bit early so will just have to try and keep busy/occupied like you say! Xx

Hi Bumpwanted. Yes, I do get ladies who bleed early on when taking lose dose soluble aspirin. Just might be the cause. Diane

We r in the same boat. I wish bleeding stops soon and we are assured that everything is fine.

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I've got everything crossed for you..

I think I'd be inclined to speak to the dr again to have bloods tests...your mind won't stop!


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I had to practically beg my clinic to do bloods when I had a bleed, they eventually agreed and I'm so glad I did them as my levels had dropped. If I'd have waited then could have got to my scan just to hear bad news. If you are still feeling anxious I would definitely ask them again. Let us know how you get on xxxx

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When I started bleeding at 5 weeks my clinic were very happy to do repeat bloods. I would speak to them again to stop yourself from worrying so much. x

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hi babez was thinkin about u this morning, sorry ur having some probs hope it all settles down as no how ur feelin after we spoke a few wks ago so no how much this baby means to after loosing ur little angel..see ur dr as Diane suggest keep me up dated am here if u need a friend much love emma xxx

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Thank you so much everyone X I should have been more assertive about bloods I am annoyed at myself now. The bleeding has totally stopped at the moment and no pain so feeling calmer but still terrified! I am going to try and wait it out but if I have anymore pain or bleeding I will go back to the doctors and request an earlier scan as I am 6 weeks tomorrow I think! I 🙏🙏🙏🙏 all is ok in there! So scared about my scan! Lou xx

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